Haseen Jahan Said I Have Not Received Any Help From Anyone

Md. Shami wife, now become angry with Facebook, what is the reason for this


Haseen has filed a case against four people of his family, including Shami, in Jadhavpur police station of Kolkata on the complaint of Haseen.


Indian cricketer His wife Hassin, who had made serious allegations against Shami, has disclosed the reason behind disclosing this matter on Facebook. Haseen says where he was forced to take these steps when he did not get help from anywhere. They have also expressed resentment over the fact that Facebook blocked their account without their permissions. Anger over Facebook …


– Haseen, where talking to the news agency, told the reason for posting photos on Facebook. He said that when I did not find any help from anywhere, I told all the activities of my smile through the Facebook through Facebook.


Whereas forward Haseen said, I do not know why Facebook blocked my account and why not delete all my posts without my permission.


FIR has been registered

– A case has been registered against 4 people of his family, including Shami, in Jadhavpur police station in Kolkata on the complaint of Haseen.

– In the FIR registered against Shami, the police has imposed several sections including dowry torture, domestic violence, attempt to murder, threats and conspiracy. In the FIR lodged in the police station, besides Shami, the name of his mother, sister, brother and sister-in-law is also included.


– Shami’s wife also says that Shami had forced her to have relations with brother. They have also leveled allegations like match-fixing against the cricketer. However, in the complaint given to the police there is nothing in this regard.


– The FIR registered in the police has been registered under section 498A (domestic violence), section 376 (rape), section 307 (attempt to murder), section 323 (assault), section 506 (intimidation) and section 328.


Shami’s rumors were told on Facebook


– The controversy over Husband-Wife came on the public platform when Shami’s wife Hussein, who shared several photos on his Facebook account on Tuesday, accused Shami of possessing illegal ties with many girls.


– As evidence, Hussein also shared screenshots of Whatsapp chat between Shami and those girls. Hasin also posted pictures of a prostitute in Karachi and posted a screenshot of Shami’s chat with him.


– Haseen, where one of the stock’s Facebook chat is about one and a half year old (October 2016). In a photo, Shami stood with a woman. She was also told as ‘girlfriends’ of Shami. However, now the Facebook account of Hasin has been deleted, through which all these were posted.


The accused were then charged with fixing


– Two days after Facebook post, Hassan alleged, “Shami used to fix matches together with Pakistani girl and England’s businessman.” According to Shami’s wife, Shami had taken money from a Pakistani girl in Dubai, who had sent him to UK-based Mohammed Bhai.


– According to where – ‘I did everything that he wanted me to do. They tortured me and did not behave like my wife. Many of her girls are concerned. ‘


– In addition to refusing to divorce Shami, Hasin said, “I have all the evidence. They will soon drag them into court.


Shami said about the allegations

– Shami has made statements about the allegations that we are trying to resolve the matter together with Hasin and his family, but I do not know who is going astray them.


Shami had said about fixing: As far as the country is in agreement with its performance, I would rather die than do something like this.

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