Hazaribagh Died Businessman Maheshwari Family Funeral

Hazaribagh: 3 generations of the end, together with the funeral of six people, in the ambulance, thousands of people included


Six suicide notes received, written in one – sickness + shop closed + do not pay the dues of shopkeepers + defamation + debt by stress = death


Maheshwari family’s oldest son Mahavir Maheshwari (70), after the death of his only son Naresh Maheshwari (40) and Pata Aman, ended with the whole three generations. Women of this family did not even spare There is no remaining member left in this family. A married daughter living in the family who lives with her family in her in-laws, Ranchi. All six bodies of the family were brought to Muktidham at around 5.30 pm from their ambulance from their residence in Khajshi pond with separate ambulance. Where all the bodies were handed over by Mahish Maheshwari’s nephew Rahul Maheswari. More than a thousand people joined the funeral.

This is the first funeral in Hazaribagh of six bodies of the same family

On the other hand, a three-member team of doctors in Sadar Hospital post-mortem of all dead members of the Agarwal family. Meanwhile, there was a huge crowd of people from the city of Aspardos in Sadar Hospital. During the post mortem of the dead bodies, people were standing in spite of the strong sunlight around. Everyone was telling the first incident in the history of Hazaribagh in this heartbreaking incident.


In Muktidham, all the dead bodies were decorated differently for fire rituals. The eyes of everyone present there were moist. This was the first funeral procession of six bodies of the same family in Hazaribagh. All the people present in the funeral were shocked by the incident. Shettal, a daughter of Mahavira, had already died from the disease. Whereas, the second daughter Namita is in Ranchi. Namita’s husband Satyanarayan has reached Hazaribagh.


The family lived on the third floor in the apartment, yesterday was not on duty guard

Mahavir Agrawal’s family lived in 303 in the flat situated on the third floor of the CDM Shubham Apartment located near the cashier’s pond. This apartment is four storey. There is no lift arrangement in the building. The stairs are built to go up from the east side of the building. There is also no CCTV in and around this building. Although there is a guard arrangement for the supervision of the CDM apartment, but the night there was such a big incident that night it was not there. He was on vacation. The servants said – The master was sending the money to bring money, but there was to return empty handed from there.


Rizwan and Tilak Ram, the servants of the deceased family were crying a lot after the incident in the family. Both of them said that this family had everything for us. Used to love as a son. Now where will we go? Said that the owner used to worry about the money’s tightness. They used to send the notes to get trapped money, but they had to return empty-handed from there.


The conversation took place at 8 o’clock from the friend

Satyanarayan Agarwal, a friend of Mahavira’s childhood, said that like everyday, our conversation with Mahavira was done by 8 pm on Saturdays. He told his move all right. Said that the son is now coming to the shop too. Then everything was normal and they were happy. Suddenly I am amazed by the morning incident. They can take such a decision and their family can do it, it seems like impossible.


Families and dhabasiyen told the incident as suspicious

The family of Mahaveer Maheshwari told that there was a laughing-out family. There was no animosity with anyone. Karabbar keeps fluctuating, but the matter will reach here. It is beyond understanding. There is no hidden secret in this scandal. Naresh Agarwal was nearer to the deal, but Mahavir Babu Jindal was a human being. The family said that we are worried about how such a big incident happened. Neighboring physician Rajesh Srikanth said that there was a good family. All were friendly This incident should be closely examined.

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