Health Benefits Of Mustard Oil : You Should Know About It

By cutting mustard oil from the feet to the navel, there are many advantages


This oil contains beta carotene, iron, fatty acids, calcium and magnesium, which benefit the body.


Mustard oil is used in nearly every household in India. It is used to massage from cooking to food. Dr Abrar Multani, who wrote books on Ayurvedic Expert of Bhopal and many health topics, explains that this oil contains beta-carotene, iron, fatty acids, calcium and magnesium, which benefit the body.


If it is placed in the head, navel, and feet before sleeping, then you will get many benefits from it. This will also remove many health problems. Let’s know about them.


1. Head

Applying sarson oil in the head before sleeping at night removes stress. The hair is black and it is strong too.


2. Navel

Applying mustard oil on the navel before sleeping, it keeps away the problem of lip blast and also the lip looks beautiful. Apart from this, putting mustard oil on the navel also removes stomachache and the problem of digestion.


3. Foot soles

If you massage with mustard oil on the soles of the feet before sleeping at night, then the eyesight is sharp. If you do not sleep well then this recipe is best for you.


4. Injury

If long-term injuries do not recover, then add mustard oil. Applying oil for a few days, it will dry up and dry. Mustard oil contains antibacterial property which works to repair injury.

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