Imran khan press conference live from Pakistan

Imran, after winning the election, raised the issue of human rights in Kashmir, said, “The only way that talks are the only way


Imran Khan said that Hindustan-Pakistan should sit on a desk and solve Kashmir issue.


Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan addressed the country on Thursday. They pledged to remove poverty, make major government premises including Prime Minister’s house, transform others into other institutions and work for the farmers for the betterment of the people. Imran talked about removing poverty from China, removing distances from Afghanistan and improving relations with the United States. He also referred to India but claimed to have infested human rights in Kashmir. He said that I want to proceed with the talks with India.


Imran said, “I am impressed that the Indian media showed me such as I am a villain of a Bollywood movie. I am a Pakistani who has gone all over India, because of cricket. I think if Pakistan-India relations are better then it would be good for us. Both countries trade with each other. Unfortunately, human rights of people have been being violated for the past 30 years in Kashmir. It should be tried that Pakistan and Hindustan resolve this issue by sitting on a table. If the game of allegations continues, it means that the place where we walked, is right there. You will take one step to improve the relationship, we will move two steps. Friendship between the two countries is essential for Asia and the issues should be resolved by dialogue. ”


Allah gave the opportunity 22 years later

Imran said, “I started the struggle in 1996, 22 years later Allah has given an opportunity that I should fulfill that dream. Let us fulfill the promises made in the manifesto. I came to politics because of this. I was growing up in Pakistan but saw that the country was going down due to corruption. People have sacrificed in this election. People came out to vote for terrorists in Balochistan. Thank those guys They strengthened our democracy. Now the poor will be considered for the first time in the country. We have to take responsibility for the weak section. Weak starving are dying. 2.5 million Pakistani children do not go to school 45 per cent of the children did not develop properly. Our effort is to raise this lower section. The identity of the country is not rich, but the lives of the poor. ”


The governance system of the country will improve

“I want all Pakistan to become one. There is nothing in my mind for those who make personal attacks on me. I have forgotten all It is now a matter of nationality. This will be the first government, which will not take action against the state. The action against which will go against the law will be taken. We will make such arrangements. In which responsibility will be decided. The governance system of the country will be corrected, because if it does not happen then the investment will not be able to. Pakistan is facing a huge economic challenge. ”


The public tax fills, it will not be auspicious now

They said, “We will create an environment for business in Pakistan.” Attention to the Cost of Doing Business, Is of Doing Business. So far no investment in Pakistan was due to the fact that corruption This made the whole system quadruple. This caused unemployment. Our second youngest population in the world is ours. Tax system will improve. I will change the behavior of the people who pay taxes on the tax. I will save money from the people’s tax. We will not save any external country. Increase income by reducing expenses. The government will give full help to the farmers to increase the yield. Small industries will help and focus on skill development. ”


Foreign policy big challenge for us

“Today Pakistan needs stability. We will keep peaceful relationships with the neighbors. The relationship with China will be stronger and stronger. Using sepac will create investment opportunities. The people of Afghanistan have taken the biggest hurdle. If there is peace there will be peace in Pakistan. We want to have open border with Afghanistan. Want to make a two-way relationship with America In Asia, we want to be a country that will end the battles. Not to be born. “

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