India is the fourth largest military force in the world

India is the fourth largest military force in the world, Pakistan is behind us 13; America has the most plains


This information has been given in the 2018 index of Global Fire Power, the organization that assesses the strength of the countries, every year.


In the case of military strength India has remained at number four in the world. Neighboring country China is ahead of us and second place. But Pakistan’s military strength has come down. Last year he was at number 13. This year is 17th rank. Pakistan was previously nine places behind India. Now 13 places are behind. This information has been given in the 2018 index of Global Fire Power, the annual assessment of the strength of the countries.


Global Fire Power estimates the military strength of 136 countries for the 2018 index. It has given countries numbers based on the geographical location of the countries, the ability to take the materials from one place to another, natural resources and industrial support. The economic stability of the countries and their defense budget were significantly covered in the index. The index did not include the country’s nuclear power and its political leadership.


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India is the fourth largest military force in the world

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