India’s Most Potent Missile Agni-V To Be Inducted Soon

Agni-5 missile to be available to Indian Army soon; 5 thousand kilometers range, Pakistan-China in its JD


The weight of 17 meters long Agni -5 is 50 tons. It runs from solid fuel.


The process of handing the Agni-5 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile to the Indian Army has already begun. According to official sources, this missile capable of carrying 5 thousand kilometers of firepower and carrying 1500 kg warhead will be handed over to the Strategic Force Command (SFC). Such modern missile is only in select countries like China, Russia, America, France and North Korea.


Except America, the entire Asia, Africa, and nearly half of Europe is within the scope of this missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Apart from this, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, China, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are also in its range.


The most modern weapon in its series, Agni-5:

An official associated with the Agni-5 program said, “The missile was successfully tested from the coast of Odisha last month and it will have some more pre-induction tests in the next few weeks. This is a strategic asset, we have reached the last part of this program, it is the most modern weapon of its series, with the latest technology of navigation and its The ability to carry nuclear weapons is the best. ”

The first test of Agni-5 was done on April 19, 2012. This was followed by the second in September 15, 2013, the third on January 31, 2015, the fourth on December 26, 2017, the fifth test was done on January 18, 2018. All the tests were successful.


BrahMos associated with 40 Sukhoi planes:

In addition to Agni-5, to enhance military efficiency, the Department of Defense is working on many other important programs. This involves linking BrahMos supersonic missile to 40 Sukhoi battalion planes. Brahmos was successfully tested on November 22, 2017 from Sukhoi-30. After this, the air striking BrahMos has become the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile. The planes are being made changes in the structure to add it to Sukhoi.

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