Irrfan Khan Reveal He Has Rare Disease Neuroendocrine Tumors

Irfan Khan himself did disclose his illness, tweeted information


Irfan Khan has tweeted his illness by tweeting.


Some time ago, actor Irfan Khan tweeted to inform him about a rare disease. Since then many reports have come about his illness. Later, his wife and film critic Komal Nahata asked for not spreading the wrong reports. Now Irfan Khan has tweeted his illness by tweeting. Let me tell you that Irfan has been resting at home for the past 15 days. Initially, he was Jandice, but now Irfan has scared everyone with his tweet. Know what sickness is Irfan.


– Irrfan tweeted: “Something suddenly happens in life, which takes you ahead. My life has been similar to the last few days.


– I have a disease called neuro endocrine tumor. But the love and power of the people present near me has given me hope. He further wrote, I am going abroad for its treatment. All my requests are that they continue to pray for me. For the rumors of Neuro being spreading on my illness, let me tell you that Neuro is not always for brain. Those who waited for my statement, I hope I will bring more stories again.


Irrfan Khan Reveal He Has Rare Disease Neuroendocrine Tumors


What is Neuro Endocrine Tumor …


– Endocrine tumors occur in the cells of the body which release endocrine hormones. By increasing the arteries of these cells, it takes the form of a tumor.


– It has many grades. Grade one and two are normal. At the same time, grade 3 is the most dangerous. In this grade, it takes the form of cancer.


If there is a tumor of grade 3 then chemotherapy is given for it. These tumors can not be just brains but also in lungs, stomach, pancreatias and intestines.


Irfan had said, he is a rare disease …

Tell that Irrfan tweeted on March 5, “Sometimes you wake up with a shock, the last 15 days is a suspense story of my life.”


– “I am suffering from a rare disease. I have never compromised in life. I have always fought for my choice and will do the same.”


– “My family and friends are with me, we are trying to get a better path, as soon as all the tests are done, I will talk about myself in the next ten days, then pray for me.”

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