Jammu Kashmir Crpf Camp Attack Firing Security Force Terrorist Encounter

Another jawan martyr in an attack on the Sunjwan Army camp; 30 hours of operation in Srinagar


On Monday, terrorists attacked the CRPF camp in Srinagar. A young man died in this.


Here the encounter between the security forces and the terrorists continues for the past 30 hours. Meanwhile, the Force Search operation is running in Raipur, Jammu. Help has also been taken from the helicopter. On Monday, terrorists tried to enter the CRPF camp, which was foiled by security forces. A young man was killed in the firing. The terrorists are hiding in a building. Meanwhile, in the Sunjwan Army camp on Tuesday, the body found another body. Here the number of martyrs in the attack is 6. There were two terror attacks in Kashmir in 3 days. The responsibility of both of them has been taken by Lashkar-e-Taiba. Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the master of the attack on the Sunjwan Army camp is Azhar Masood, chief of the Mind Pak-based Jais-e-Mohammad, who gets support there.


Jammu Kashmir Crpf Camp Attack Firing Security Force Terrorist Encounter


CRPF attack, 5 points

Operation still on

CRPF’s IG operation Zulfiqar Hassan said, “There is still an encounter between the forces and the terrorists. We are taking precaution that there is no loss of life and property.”


CRPF camp attack, a young martyr


– On Monday, the terrorists attacked the CRPF camp in Srinagar. Force failed it. There were several weapons including the terrorist AK-47 rifle.
– The CRPF spokesperson said, “The incident took place at 4.30 in the morning, with the bag and arms, two suspects in the camp, screaming and firing.”
– “The terrorists ran away from that place and took refuge in a nearby undercurrent building. The CRPF is surrounded by the building.”
– CRPF IG Ravidip Sahay told that 5 families have been evacuated from where the terrorists are hiding. Operation is going on. Given the firing of the terrorists and the jawans have been sent so that terrorists have not been able to escape.


Navdh Bhat escaped from CRPF camp


– Located on the CRPF camp near Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital. On February 6, the terrorists attacked Pakistan’s terrorist Navid Bhatt from the police custody.
– The police had brought LeT terrorist Naveed to the hospital for the routine checkup. Where the colleagues hidden in the parking lot attacked the police and took him away.


Has managed to stop infiltration

– The Defense Minister said, “Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism in the south of Peerpanjal and is making the vigil for the intrusion.” These codes were answered in a fair manner. To prevent infiltration on line of control, our system will succeed Due to continuous efforts of security forces, terror activities have been stopped, due to weather and snowfall, infiltration can not be stopped completely. For this, the government is using Modern technology, Additional Sensors, UAE and Long Range Surveillance Devices have been set up to cover line of control.


Jung not alternative – Mehbooba Mufti

– Mehbooba Mufti said in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly on Monday – “There is a need to talk to Pakistan to stop the bloody game in the state.” For this, I would call the TV anchors anti-national tonight, but it People of Jammu and Kashmir are getting affected by this. We have to negotiate because the war is not an option. ”
– “It will not be surprised when some media houses put Atlaji in the dock, if he would take Lahore bus for talks in today’s time.”

Farooq gave the warning to Pak

– After the CRPF camp attack in Kashmir, former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah gave a warning to Pakistan. He said, “As much terrorism will increase, there will be more troubles, there will be more trouble in Pakistan (Pakistan), nothing will survive there.” After the continued terrorist attacks, the government also needs to think about the next step. ”
Earlier, Farooq’s son and former CM Omar Abdullah had said that the sacrifice of martyrs in the Sunjwan attack will not be useless.


Jammu Kashmir Crpf Camp Attack Firing Security Force Terrorist Encounter

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