Jeevan Mantra : Astrological Tips

In Navaratri and Friday’s yoga, this work can be done in home


Due to the worship of Goddess Durga, the blame of horoscope can also be overcome.


Right now the Navratri of Chaitra month is running. Navratri is worshiped for special Goddess Durga and Friday is a special day of worship of Mahalaxmi. If you take the measures described here in the yoga of Navaratri and Friday, then the poverty of your home can be overcome. These measures are reported by Ujjain’s astrologor Dr. Vinita Nagar.


1.On Friday, bring a leaf of the peepal tree and make turmeric swastika on it. After this, keep it in worship. After worship, place this leaf in the temple or in the vault. Bad times can end this.


2. Visit Shiva Mandir on Navaratri Friday and offer Rudraksh to Gauri-Shankar on Shivalinga. Also, apply tilak of white sandalwood on the valve sheet and offer it to Shiva. Pray for Mahadev to remove problems.


3. If any work has been stuck for a long time, then put the collective coconut in a new cotton cloth and put it in a temple. To do this, obstacles coming in the necessary tasks can be over.


4. When leaving the house, feed the cow by placing ghee and jaggery on one bread. Apart from this, add sandalwood tilak on your forehead while leaving home. Start with these measures on Friday and then do it everyday.


5. On Friday, mix sugar in the flour and feed the fish. This can also make the problem away.

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