Kargil vijay Diwas : Digendra singh From Jhalra Neemkathana Sikar

These are the military dignendra Singh, who consumed 5 bullets in chest and dusted Pakistan


Snowy peaks, sitting with full preparation at high altitude and opposite condition. In spite of all this, our Jabanganj sneezed the foes of the enemy regardless of their lives. About 19 years ago during Operation Vijay in Kargil, Ladakhs of Shekhawati played an important role in victory by showing heroes. Why is not it shown that the brave daughter of the brave daughter has courage in the particle?


If there is a ladla martyr here, his innocent son says, I will wear the same uniform as my father. I will not retreat, but will take revenge of the father’s martyrdom. Mother says that the difference is that on my red who did not shame me milk If the father says there would be another son, then send him to the army. During Kargil, most of the people who used to dust the enemies were of Shekhawati. This special report of the army of Shekhawati is present on Kargil Vijay Day 2018.


Mahavir Chakra Nayak Digendra Singh Sikar

Nayak Singh and others resident of Jhalra village of Nimkathana area of Sikar district had taken possession of the Northern Light Infantry of Paki on the hill of Kargil on the night of 12 June 1999. During this, five bullets of the enemy were seized by Digendra Singh’s chest, but this Mahavir scolded the enemies of the enemy regardless of death. The next day, with the first ray of the sun, the tricolor was hoisted on the hill of Tololing.


‘If war is declared, then I will also go to war … this time I will come by killing 100 …’

The President was honored by the Mahavir Chakra. It is notable that after the Uri attack on September 29, 2018, due to the situation of war between Indo-Pak at the time of surgical strike, Devendra Singh had expressed the desire that if the war had taken place, he would go to his unit and along with the military brothers shoulder the shoulder Together with shoulder would like to give a break to Pakistan.


What was Operation Vijay 1999

Operation Vijay is the name of the armed struggle between India and Pakistan between May and July 1999 in the Kargil district of Kashmir. Pakistan’s army and Kashmiri militants crossed the Line of Control between India and Pakistan and tried to occupy the land of India. Pakistan claimed that all Kashmiri terrorists are terrorists, but the documents recovered in the war and the statements of Pakistani leaders proved that Pakistan’s army was directly involved in this war in this war. About 30,000 Indian soldiers and about 5,000 infiltrators were involved in this.

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