Karnataka Government Formation News And Updates

Kumaraswamy said that the BJP’s Ashwamedh Yatra started from north, but in Karnataka, we stopped his horses.


There is no majority in Karnataka. BJP got 104 seats, Congress 78 and JDS coalition 38 seats.


Taskakashi between BJP and JDS-Congress has started for power in Karnataka. The three parties are claiming to be the necessary legislators for the majority. Meanwhile, JDS-Congress has accused the BJP of buying and selling. Janta Dal Secular Chief HD Kumaraswamy has even said that they are offering 100-100 crore rupees to the party MLAs (BJP leader) party MLAs. If they break our 10 MLAs, then we will strip 20. Earlier, a Congress MLA Amargea Linganagouda Patil Byyapur said that BJP leaders offered him a ministerial post. Congress has also claimed to be in touch with six BJP MLAs. In this election, BJP got 104 seats, Congress 78 and JDS 38 seats.


There are not many Modi wave in Karnataka: Kumaraswamy


JDS chief Kumaraswamy said: “There is no Modi wave in Karnataka. The BJP’s Ashwamedh Yatra started from north, but in Karnataka we stopped his horse. This mandate is to stop the BJP’s Ashwamedh Yatra. Forget that Operation Kamal will be successful. ”


– “JDS legislators are offering BJP 100-100 crores and ministerial post. Where did these black magic come from? Where are the income tax officers now? He is considered as a servant of poor people. How are you offering money today? The BJP is misusing its power in the center. ”


– “There are also people who want to join us and leave the BJP. If you harm us and if you break one of our MLAs, then we will break your double legislators. BJP’s 10 to 15 MLAs are ready to join JDS But I have also told the governor that stop horse trading. ”


– ” I had an offer from both sides. I’m not saying this thing lightly. My decision to support the BJP in 2004-05 had a black spot on my father’s career. God has given me the chance to wash that stain. So, I am going with Congress. These are fake reports that Prakash Javadekar of BJP has met me. ”


What is Operation Lotus?

– In 2008, the BJP had less than 113 to 3 seats needed for the majority. Then he started the ‘Operation Kamal’ and formed the government.


It is said that the BJP had then convinced the Congress 3 and JDS MLAs to resign to avoid the anti-Dalit law. He was again contested from the BJP ticket. Five of these MLAs won. In this way BJP increased from 110 to 115 seats.


What is the option of the BJP?

First, if the BJP does not get the first chance to form the government, and if there is a majority of the assembly in the assembly, then some MLAs of JDS-Congress can convince them to remain absent from voting in the House.


Second, if the BJP gets its first chance, then it may demand a few days from the governor to raise the support of the necessary legislators.


What is the option of Congress-JDS?

– If you get a chance to form government, both parties can start resort politics. That is, can send their own MLAs to a resort so that there is no effort to break the legislators before the floor test.


If the BJP gets the chance to form the government, then he can go to the Supreme Court against the governor’s decision.


12 Congress MLAs and two JDS MLAs did not attend party meeting


-BJP, JDS and Congress Legislature Party meeting took place on Wednesday. Two JDS MLAs, Raja Venkatappa Nayak and Wakant Rao Nadgowda did not attend the meeting. Nayak has been elected from the human and from the Nad Gowda Sinsur assembly constituency. BJP Yeddyurappa and JDS chose HD Kumaraswamy as Leader of the Legislative Party.


– After the meeting of the legislative party, BS Yeddyurappa met Governor Vajubhai Va. He later said that the party chose the leader of the legislative party to me. I have submitted the letter to the governor. He told me that he will make the right decision. I hope he will call me.


– Karnataka Prasannwanta Party MLA R Shankar appeared in Raj Bhavan with BJP’s delegation.


Congress claimed, six BJP MLAs with us


-K Patil’s MB Patil said that six BJP MLAs are in touch with him. On the other hand, Ann Harris said that we have to save the public’s decision. They (BJP) are doing poor politics. We have to stop them. We have support of 118 MLAs.


Congress MLA said – I had received an offer


– Congress MLA Amargea Linganagouda Patil Byyapur told the news agency ANI that I had received a call from BJP leaders. They said that come with us and we will give you the ministry. We will make you a minister But, I refused. Our Chief Minister is HD Kumaraswamy.


– Congress leader D. Sivakumar said that he (BJP) is in touch with our leaders. We know that There is a lot of pressure on everyone. But this will not be easy, because the two parties have the majority number. People are watching it all.

At the same time, former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that all the Congress MLAs are with us. Nobody is out. We are going to form the government.


– Ghulam Nabi Azad said on Wednesday, “The BJP has 104 MLAs, Congress and JDS have 117. The governor will have to make the right decision.”


JDS said – All our leaders are reliable


– JDS leader Sarvana said: “We do not know what they (BJP) is offering, but they are trying to contact our people, we are all together, no one can touch our party. All our MLAs are reliable. ”


Yeddyurappa took out the muharunt for the oath of office on May 17 – According to sources, the BJP has offered to the Congress and JDS legislators. The party will support them in every situation. If these MLAs vote for the BJP or remain absent during the Floor Test, then both of them are going to be registered under the Dal-Changed law in Surat. In such a situation, the BJP has given him the option of contesting the by-election on his ticket. If you do not want to fight yourself, you can fight a relative.


If a legislator does not wish to contest the bypoll, he will be adjusted in the Legislative Council. According to the reports, the governor may invite the BJP to form the government on Wednesday. Yeddyurappa has withdrawn the muharunt for the oath of office on 17th May. He will prove a majority in 21 On breaking the MLA, Yeddyurappa and Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar also held a meeting till late night. At the same time, the Congress-JDS meeting was going on till late night. Current status: BJP is the biggest party, 8 seats away with majority – Total seats in the state are 224. 113 required for the majority. – Poll remaining on 2 seats. Therefore, the majority figure is 112.


Two formulas for formation of government in Karnataka


1) Formula 1 Congress + JDS + other means (78 + 38 + 1 = 117)

– Figures are more than the majority. But this is the post-election alliance. In such a situation, there is no constitutional or moral pressure on the governor to give this coalition its first chance.


2) Formula 2 BJP + mobilizing legislators (104 + 8 = 112)

– BJP needs at least eight legislators. In this case, at least eight MLAs will be required to break the Congress or JDS. If the governor invites the BJP to the largest party, then he will get a morale to raise the majority.


– One possibility may be this: Apart from these two formulas, a third position is also possible. Even if the BJP failed to prove the majority after getting the invitation, Congress-JDS can get a chance to form a non-BJP government.


Politics in Raj Bhavan: Congress shows governor to Supreme Court verdict on Goa

– Congress and JDS leaders met the governor in Raj Bhavan on Tuesday and showed Supreme Court’s decision on Goa. Said- Swam is not necessary to the largest party. The court had said, “It is not necessary for the largest party to be sworn in. If there is more than 2-3 parties, then they can get the oath.” Congress said: the governor can not go against it.


Now in the hands of the dormant governor Vajubhai

– Who will be the government, it depends on who will be invited by Governor Vajubhai? Vajubhai was the finance minister for 9 years as a CM in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat during the 13-year tenure. In 2001 Vajubhai left Rajkot seat for Modi’s first assembly election.

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