Key Highlights From Budget 2018

From mobile to TV-car, know what happened in this budget cheap-what expensive


Mobile, TV prices can increase soon. The government has increased custom duty on these.


Mobile, TV prices can increase soon. The government has increased custom duty on these. Customer Duty has been increased on other than mobile, TVs. The government has increased 15 percent custom duty on TV. The government has given relief to senior citizens. Interest on FD, RD for the elderly has been tax-free.


What would be expensive

Foreign car, imported gold, foreign bicycles, food in the restaurant, phone bill, motor bike, fridge.


What would be cheaper

Salt, solar unit, life-saving drugs, matches, LED, HIV medication, LCD and LED.


Mobile phones will become expensive.

Why the price will increase 

Because the customs duty has been increased from 15 to 20 percent.


TV sets, laptops, mobile became expensive The price of the TV can be expensive up to 5 percent.

Why the price will increase …

Because custom duty has been increased to 15% on some parts of the TV.


If you have a passion for keeping big cars then it will be expensive now. Big cars are going to be expensive.

Why the price will increase …

Due to the increase in custom duty, the cost of luxury cars will increase as many parts of such cars / entire cars are exported from abroad.


Silver coins, silver articles, cigarettes, pan masala, zarda, cigars, khainis, LED lights, LED lamps, roasted and salted dried fruits.

Why the price will increase …

Excise duty on pan masala with tobacco has been increased from 10 percent to 12 percent. At the same time, the excise duty on cigarettes up to 65 millimeters has been increased from Rs 215 per thousand to 311 rupees per thousand rupees.


Stainless Steel Lips, Aluminum, Leather Footwear, Leather Products Footwear can be up to 5% expensive.

Online Railway Tickets, LNG Finished Leather, Solar Taper Glass, POS Machine, Canned Vegetables, Hot Roll Quill.

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