Khatoumela 2018: With a scintillating scarf in hand …. and meet the devotee Baba Shyam

The group of Shyam devotees in the village village are going for Shyam Darshan.


Hundreds of passengers accompanied by 250 marks on the Friday from the Salasar Hanuman Balaji temple of the town left for Jatha Khatosheyamji. During this time, Shyam Bhakta sang with bandwagon, the bus stand reached the Khatusheyamji through the Sawalpura route and started paying a visit to Baba Shyam after offering a kheer churam in the old market. Prior to this, the scholars left the group of Shyam devotees after worshiping Vedic Mantra with the help of Mahant Manohar Sharan Shastri.


Walked.  A huge store started on Friday in the village Bhogoth under the auspices of Shri Shyam Mitra Mandal Nangal Dargu. Bhandare was inaugurated by Gram Panchayat Parmanmal Gurjar, former Sarpanch of Nangal Dargu. Mandal’s Dhansiram Chandel, Gokulchand Rao, Master Lalchand Gurjar, Mahesh Chandel etc. said that there are about ten dozen self-appointed volunteers to serve Shyam devotees in the service camp. For the devotees, food is provided with free medical facilities, baths, lodging and relaxation. There are different arrangements for women and men. On this occasion, in the bhajan program, the artists take the name of Shyam, everyone is lovely .., Shyam ki bachan ki muadane full .., etc. Presentations. During this period, many office bearers of the Mandal, including Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Natha Ramaram Gurjar, Hansraj Mukadam, Brijesh Jailar, Chitaramal Pradhan, Khayaliram Gurjar, Vijaysingh Seth, Rohitash, Mahraam, Bhagatji have been engaged in the service of devotees.


Shyam’s court new shining



On behalf of the Shri Balaji Seva Samiti, the 6th Shyam padyayatra left Dantarmgarh on Thursday and reached Baba Shyam’s court at night. After this, the devotees made a visit to Baba Shyam. Bhanwarlal Sharma and members of the committee, from the Shiv Mandir located in the pythatra bypassed the pilgrimage after Baba Shyam’s Aarti. Baba Shyam’s pillar rides on the chariot with elephants, horses and camels and baghagi in the pythatra. The place was replaced by a grand welcome to the flower-flower. On this occasion, Jaya Band of Jaipur, which was the first time in Dantarmgarh, gave spectacular performances. The steps of the passersby were also stopped for listening to the presentation of devotional Bhajans such as Radha Ek Meera .. Satyam Shivam Sundaram and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.


Mark post visit today


Little In the town under the aegis of Shri Shyam Yuva Satsang Mandal, a 22 foot pedestrian journey from Thoi to Khatudham will depart from Chaukbar Bazar Tho on Saturdays. Before this, on Friday, at 1 p.m. on Friday, a 28-foot pedestrian journey from Thoi to Khatudham, under the aegis of Shree Shyam Mitra Mandal, left the temple of Sitaramji. Similarly, a free store for Shyam devotees has been started in Jhaldali.



The group of Shyam devotees in the village village are going for Shyam Darshan. On Friday, the Shyam devotees of Gaavadi, Ganeshwar, Chiplata and Deepawas region went through the paved paths of the fields and fields, carrying scarves in hand.


Khatu Shyam Ji.

The food security department team on Friday brought food samples in many stores. Food Inspector Phul Singh Bajia and Ratan Gondar said that samples of Mawa tree were taken from the shop of Mawa, Sudama Mithan Bhandar, Khandelwal Mithan Bhandar and Shyam Sundar Dwarka Prasad from the three Ban Mithan Bhandar. The team has taken samples of Mawa trees from past several days. Active looking.

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