khatushyamji mela 2018 :Shop Hotel and Restaurants in khatushyamji sikar

Khatu News:khatushyamji mela 2018 :Shop Hotel and Restaurants in khatushyamji sikar

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Khatu Shyam Ji News: Khatushyamji  Fair 2018 will start from 2018 on February 17. The Shyam devotees spread across the entire corner of the country are busy preparing for the Khatushyamji Mela 2018. We are introducing you to Baba khatushyamji Phalguni Lakki Mela 2018, to those people who believe that Baba Shyam made them king by rank.

Khatushyamji mela 2018:Shops Business In Khatushyam

Lakhdatari Baba Shyam, who is said to be given the support of the blessings of the coming devotees in Khatudham, is empty, whether or not he is a devotee or a businessman doing business here. There are hundreds of shops in Khatushyamji, 80% out of which people are doing business by hiring shops. Most traders have been doing business for more than two decades.

Dharmashalas in Khatushymji and Hotels in Khatushymji :

On most of these traders, the family situation was very miserable when the Khatu was coming, but Baba’s grace was that he had made them king by rink in a few years. In Baba Shyam’s business, everyone’s business is flourishing. Besides this, thousands of people are also getting employment opportunities in the Khatu,sikar. There are hundreds of Dharmashalas in Khatushyamji, dozens of hotels in Khatushaymji and restaurants in Khatushyamji in the town where even thousands of administrators, confectioners, workers and laborers are working to feed themselves and their families.

At the same time, the residents of Sau, the Rehadi people also got jobs. This is the only thing that comes out of everyone’s tongue. Whatever is happening today is given to Baba Shyam, hence it is called a Sahara of losers. Most people outside are doing business in Khatushyamji, 80 percent of people outside are doing business. People in the neighboring country including Nepal, UP, Bihar, MP etc. including Ajmer, Jaipur, Khetri, Bikaner, Nagaur in the state are also doing business.


In the town there are many types of shops including Prasad, Powder, Dry vegetable, Lac Kiyadu, Handicrafts, God’s attire, photo, fancy items, Rajasthani bondage sarees, perfumes, toys, etc. In the market there are many types of shops adorned in the market of Khatu.

Khatushymji News:Famous Business men of Khatushyamji

More than one thousand temporary shops are found on Khatushyamji Phalguni Lakhi Fair. There are hundreds of thousands of families in the family town of Dharamsala, hotels, guest houses and restaurants, in which thousands of people are employed by shopkeepers, administrators, employees, confectioners, workers etc. in the court. Because of which he and his family are passing through.

20 years ago, from Lathu Gopal’s dress shop, came to Mathura from Khatu for employment. Baba’s grace got into AC, and he also gave his two brothers Ravi and Sonu to the shops. Today, the house has also been built, in which the three brothers live with the whole family. Sanju Mathurawala (dress trader, Khatushyamji)

Two decades ago, the situation in our family came from Bikaner when the situation was very pathetic. Come here and rent the shop and take a powdered and happy vegetable shop. Today I have made my house and even bought a costume shop. My two sons have put in my business. Chandrabhan Agarwal (businessman of powders, Khatushyamji)

I am a resident of Aamer of Jaipur. About 15 years ago, he came from Jaipur and came to the market in Khatu and took a shop for rent and traded in Rajasthan bonded sarees. If the business grew, then the shops and jampuri groups of the chaudiya and did. Today, the whole family remains a family. Suresh Kumar ChattharMani (Textile trader, Khatushyamji)

We are living in Danta. From three generations, we are working to sell perfumes in Baba’s court. Many decades ago, I used to sell perfumes in the temple’s generations. Now, with the grace of Baba, two shops in the market have made perfume. Small perfume (perfume trader, khatu shyamji)

Fifteen years ago, Khetri had started the shop in Khatu and started selling Jayapuri Lac and metal choodies. Baba’s grace was such that my two brothers Bhavnadas and Kamlesh Kumar started the clothes business here too. Today, building a house, all the brothers are living happy life together with the family. Goddas (Shopkeeper, Khatushyamji)

Ten years ago, Khatu came with the help of writing from BASMA’s bass. Here’s the restaurant. Today, Baba’s grace has put his children in this work. Everyone in the family is happy with Shyam’s grace. Premchand Sharma (Restaurant Director, Khatushyamji)

Fifteen years ago, came to Khatu from UP and shopped a fancy item. Increasing the business, I also shoped my two brothers, Shrihar and Ganesh. With the increase in trade, three shops of toys are running from the market. Harihar Dikshit (shopkeeper, Khatushyamji)


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