Kids Locked In Car For Six Hours Died

Two children, who were locked in the car for 6 hours in 36 degrees, looked like they were burnt in the tandoori.


One mistake-abandoned the car unlocked, the results of the two houses left


Two children locked in the car for six hours in Surat in Gujarat died of knees. The matter belongs to the Mansi residency of Dindoli in the city. According to the information, two children, who came out to take salty, went to the parked car and sat down. The gate was locked as they were sitting. About six hours and 36 degrees hot summer, the lives of innocents were lost in a closed car. And when both of them met, then in this situation …


– Santosh Bariya, who brought the innocent off the car, said, “I also live in Mansi residency. With the disappearance of the children, the entire society was disturbed. Everyone was looking for both of them by going to each street, as if their own children were lost. ‘


– ‘Some children went there after seeing the dogs barking near the car at about 7 in the evening and two children inside. Those children gave me this information. ‘


– ‘When they went there, they both were in the car. One moment was relaxed, but then there was a possibility of unevenness. Tried to open the door immediately, but not open. ‘


– ‘If I saw the left side of the stone breaking the glass, my hands and feet were blown up. Both children pulled out. Looked at the body as if it was burnt in the tandoor. They took them to the hospital immediately, but it was late. ‘


What the doctor said?


– Dr Abhishek Yadav of Baba Memorial Hospital of Dindoli said, “When both children were brought to the hospital, they were dead. The body was severely scorched.


– He said – nothing can be said about death. This postmarket report will only be known after coming. But his death must have been due to knee, there is a whole possibility.


The lock inside the car rose to 51 degrees

– DCP Rakesh Barot told that the Ahmedabad passing car was in Mansi Residency from the morning, which was probably unlocked.


– Children went to the play-play car and locked them from inside. Children died due to heat, humidity and breathing.


According to Professor of Physics Dr Pruthul Desai, the heat does not come out from a closed car. The temperature inside the open car would have increased from 35.6 degrees in 51 hours to 51 degrees in an hour.


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