Know Your Consumer Rights

The shopkeeper can not refuse to withdraw the sold goods, know their rights


It is written out of the shops that the finished goods will not return, but do you know that


Many times we see that outside the shops it is written that ‘the finished goods will not return’ but do you know that you can return the goods sold. In such a case, the Consumer Forum has already been decided in favor of the customer.

The Maharashtra Consumer Forum had not only ruled in favor of the consumer in such a case, but also gave the order to return the money by returning the consumer goods to the seller. The seller was fined with a fine of Rs. 1000. The Department of Consumer Affairs also, in 1999, the sale of goods sold on the receipt will not be returned, it has been banned. As a consumer you have got many rights, today we are telling you that if a cellar cheats you, then where and how you can complain about it.


Three Kinds Consumer Courts …


There are three types of consumer courts in India. First of all, they solve problems at the district level. Every state has such a court. They hear the matter up to Rs 20 lakhs.

Thereafter, there is a State Consumer Court. This resolves the Consumer’s complaints at the State level. These courts deal in the case of upto Rs. 1 crore.

Third level courts are at number three. It sees cases all over the country. Here are the cases of more than 10 million amounts, they are also seen. There is no need to hire a consumer to complain in the Consumer Court. You can complain on your own.


How to do the compound …

Find out about the forum where you want to compound, first its juridictions. In the zuridiction of the forum where you live, you

You can complain. Finding the juridiction and reaching the right forum. The compounding format is fixed under the Consumer Protection Act 1986. You can download this form.

Attach supporting documents related to your complaint. In this, you can apply the bills, warranty-guaranteed documents on buying related products, along with it you have to apply an affidavit. Which will confirm that the complaint you have made is correct.

You can make this complaint yourself, for that you do not need any advocate. Compentee can also be sent through registered post. You have to keep a copy of the compound with you, because it comes in many places later.

You can also file a complaint online at the Consumer Compensation Redressal Council website at

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