Kota to delhi flight Start from Kota Airport today

Air travel for Kota from Delhi has finally started on Wednesday. Kota arrived at the airport at 7 o’clock and left 7.20


Kota :  Air travel for Kota from Delhi has finally started on Wednesday. From 6am to Jaipur, Flight Kota arrived at the airport at 7 in the morning and proceeded to 7.20 from here. 7 passengers from Kota have left for Delhi.

The name of the emperor Kota Hussanarra, the name of the emperor, will be coronation of this king

MP Om Birla honored the pilot by shawl a shawl and offered him a saffron. After long intervals from Kota to Delhi, the flight took off. This quote will prove to be a blessing for the quota. Where will the increase in tourism sector, the same coaching area will also get a new dimension. The distance from Kota to Delhi is fixed in only one and a half hours. The first passenger had to travel for 4 to 5 hours before going by the train and the problems were more, but passengers from the Kota air services started getting benefit.


Speaking on the occasion, Birla said that efforts will be made to other cities after starting flights from Kota to Delhi. Several people, including Ramesh Jain, BJP leader Vikas Sharma, who were on the flight from Kota to Delhi, went to Delhi from the flight.


The flying aircraft is 9 seater and the rent was Rs. 5499. For the Kota from Jaipur on August 18, 2017, the 9-seat aircrafts VTSI-701-702 started. Flight from Kota to Jaipur has been extended to Delhi only.


On this occasion, Kota Bundi MP Om Birla, Kota South MLA Sandeep Sharma, Sangod MLA Hiralal Nagar, UIT Chairman RK Mehta, Mayor Mahesh Vijay, BJP’s Mahasabha Jagdish Jindal and many others were present on the occasion.


It will remain schedule

Akash Agarwal, Vice President of Supreme Airlines, said that the flight from Jaipur will run at 6 in the morning and reach Kota at 6.00 a.m. in the morning. Flights from Kota to Delhi at 7 a.m. and will reach Delhi at 8.30 a.m. At the same time, the flight will depart from Delhi at 5 pm, which will reach Kota at 6:30 pm. Flight from Kota will leave at 6:45 pm and reach Jaipur at 7:30 in the evening. These flights will run from Monday to Saturday. No flights will be run on Sunday.


Good news: From Kota Airport to Delhi, the first flight will start tomorrow, know how much the rent will be


Passengers will now be increased – More than 2 lakh students and their families come from the country every year to prepare for entrance examinations of engineering and medical in Kota. They require air services to travel to Kota. There are small, medium, large area industries operating in Kota. In the Kota, the National Tiger Reserve has started in the name of Mukundra Tiger Reserve. Tourists will also be able to come here easily.


Passenger amenities also increased


Safety and facilities for the passengers at the airport have also increased. Here X-ray and Explosive Test Detector (ETD) machine has been installed. There are two types of X-ray machines that will check a small hand bag and other big bags. At the same time, the ETD machine will facilitate explosive and drug testing. Along with this, 42 security personnel are engaged.

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