The Laddo of Sikar learned in school-college girls for self defense

School-college girls learn the self defense


Kawat news – Daughters must learn the tricks of self-defense. If the girls are trained in judo-karate, they can better protect themselves in any delicate situation. Saloni Meena, a student of Class X, resident, is teaching the girls to self-defense at school and college these days. Saloni is teaching judo-karate to the girls in the state secondary school in Ghasipura from one week. Saloni’s younger brother Naresh is also supporting his sister. Even before this Saloni has trained in many school and college.


Saloni says that when the woman of today is not dependent on others for some matter, why not look at others’ faces for her safety. Saloni’s father is Sohanlal Meena Gramsevak and her mother is Babli Devi Housewife. Sohanlal says that even today, daughters are not safe in society.


That is why Saloni’s parents taught karate to the daughter. After learning karate with coach Rakesh Rao, Saloni is now making the other daughters self-reliant for safety. On the Independence Day last year Saloni has been awarded the Collector at the district level.


Saloni has achieved gold medal in karate at national and international level. He has won gold and silver medals while performing better in Sri Lanka, Mumbai, Nagpur, Jodhpur, Jaipur.

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