Last Movie Of Late Om Puri Lashtam Pashtam Will Release On 10th August

Om Puri is the taxi driver in his last film, ‘Latim Pashtam’, and will show the story of Indo-Pak relations.


Om Puri died due to heart attack on January 6, 2017.


Actor Om Puri’s last film ‘Latam Pashtam’ is going to release on August 10. Om Puri is seen in the role of a taxi driver in the film trailer released on July 25. The film has been produced and directed by Manav Bhalla, it is the first movie of the human. The story of the film is based on the Indo-Pak relations. ‘Latam Pashtam’ is the fourth film to be released after Om Puri’s death.


Brothers Beyond Border is a theme


The story of two friends is shown in the trailer. There is a Pakistani and the other Hindustani. This film, shot in Dubai, shows hatred, brotherhood, and hatred among Indo-Pakis.


In one scene Om Puri says, “One person needs some reason to help another person.” In the second scene, Om Puri is saying to the actor in the film: ‘Our share is definitely, but the soil is still one of ours.’


Release of films after Om Puri’s death

Om Puri died on January 6, 2017 due to heart attack. After this, Om Puri appeared in the role of Noor in the ‘Viceroy House’ (English), released in February 2017, ‘The Gazi Attack’ Army Officer and released in February 2017. Apart from this, he had appeared in Salman Khan’s Tulleite in the role of Bane Chacha. The film was released in June 2017.


The cast will be seen in the film

Tasca Chopra, Dolly Ahluwalia, Ishita Dutta, Vibhav Roy, Samar Virmani, Ferrina Wazer, along with Am Puri. The film’s title on the fraternity has been in the headlines for the past one month in the social media. OM Puri himself is also seen asking Lashtum Pashtam in the end of the trailer. However, after watching the movie, what will be the meaning of Lashmut Pashtam.



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