Leptospirosis Alert In Mumbai 10 Points What To Do

Alert: 4 deaths in Lethotospiris, how to identify and what to do , know in 5 points


The cause of this disease spreading in humans through rats is a leptospira bacteria.


These days 4 people have died due to Leptospirosis Disease after rains in Mumbai. The reason for this disease spreading from rats to human is a leptospira bacteria. The special thing is that this disease is also making its prey to animals with humans. Dr. K.K. Agarwal, President of the Padmashree and Heart Care Foundation of India knows how to avoid this –


Learn what points to keep in mind 05 points


1- How to recognize bacterial infections

Having high fever, headache, muscle pain with cold is its common symptom. Apart from this, problems like jaundice and eyes becoming red, stomachache and diarrhea begin to occur. Most of the symptoms are similar to dengue.


2- The disease spreads like this

Due to the increase in the number of rains and rats, the spread of bacteria becomes easier. There is a large amount of leptospiers in the urine of infected mice. It is found in flood waters. Dangerous bacteria can enter the body through the eyes, nose or mouth. If the skin is cut or wound, then it also goes through the body.


3- How to Avoid

– Avoid walking around dirty water.
If you have been hurt, keep it covered properly.
– Keep wearing shoes and socks off.
– Clean the legs well and dry with towels, because wet feet may have fungal infections.
– Get the vaccine for pets, because this infection can come to you through animals.
– Try to drink bottled water only.
– Avoid going to the pools, ponds, rivers.
– Cover skin wounds with waterproof dressing.
– Avoid touching sick or dead animals.
– Wash the wounds and clean them regularly.


4- Stay in the rain alert

Staying away from rain water and rats is a better option. Due to waterlogging and running water during monsoon, this infection contaminates in water and hence the possibility of leptospirosis in monsoon is more than double. In the last few years in India, leptospirosis has got the highest view in coastal parts like Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Orissa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andaman Islands. About five thousand cases of leptospirosis come every year in India, in which the death toll is 10-15 percent.


5- Treatment like this

As a treatment, it is advisable to stay away from water and rat first. Dialysis and antibiotics are given as treatment. Special care is needed when there is infection in kidney, liver or heart. Special measures should be taken if potassium levels are high.

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