Limited Edition Of Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 Sold Within Just 3 Minutes From Booking Start

The Royal Enfield Pegasus 500 is sold in just 3 minutes, the price of this model is 2 million 40 thousand


The company had to sell it for only 250 units of this bike in India.


The Royal Enfield’s latest bike booking of Pegasus 500 has been booked within just three minutes from the start of booking. The company will sell out only 1000 units of this bike worldwide. While only 250 units of this bike were to be sold in India. The idea of how much craze the people of Royal Enfield had on this bike can be gauged from the fact that the booking of all the bikes of this limited edition was done in just 3 minutes of booking.


Although the company did not make any changes in its bike engine, it was introduced with a cosmetic change. This bike was designed with inspiration from the used bike in World War II. According to media reports, only 190 units of this bike will be sold in the UK.


Site crash on July 10

Before this, Royal Enfield had fixed the date for sale on July 10, but due to the website being crashed it could not be sold. After this, the company had fixed July 25.


Why is this bike special

The most special thing about this bike is that it is a motorcycle used in World War II, designed on the lines of Flying Flea.


– In this bike, customers will be given military helicopter and T-shirt with military inspires canvas paniers, Pegasus logo and Pegasus.


– The bike is launched in just two colors: Service Brown and Olive Drab Green. But only the service brown color of this bike in India will be sold.


How much is the cost of this bike

– Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus Edition is priced at 2.49 lakh, while in Delhi the price of this bike is 2.40 lakh rupees.


– This bike was first introduced in the UK in May 2018. This bike was launched in India in June 2018. Limited Edition of this bike is very special for the company.


This is the specification of this bike

– This bike has a single cylindrical engine of 499 cc.
– Engine generates power of 27.2 Bhp at 5250 rpm.
– With this, the bike generates torque of 41.3Nm at 4000 rpm.
– 5-speed gear transmission has been given in the bike.
– There is a fuel tank of 13.50 liters.
– The mileage of this bike is 25-30 kmpl.
– The bike’s top speed is 130 kmph. The bike takes the 0-60 kmph speed in just 3.90 seconds.
– The price of the bike is 2.40 lakh (Delhi X showroom).

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