Liquor business Vijay Malaya want to return India

Vijay Mallya wants to come to India, ready to repay debt of 9 thousand crores of banks


Vijay Mallya left India in March 2016 to London


Fugitive liquor businessman Vijay Mallya now wants to return to India. He is also ready to face the ongoing trials against him. He wants to pay the debt taken from the banks. It is news that he has spoken to Indian officials about this. Mallya has 17 Indian banks’ debt of 9 thousand crores. At present, hearing of extradition of Mallya in the London court is going on. If he is extradited, then he will have to stay in prison during the hearing in India.


Officers say that Mallya is under litigation for bank fraud, money laundering and debt. This amount has been about Rs 10 thousand crore including interest. Instead, the Central Investigation Agency has also asked the court in India to seize the property of about 12,500 crore of Mallya.


Arrested as soon as India arrives

News Agency told the sources that Mallya has contacted the ED (ED). However, ED did not promise to provide any kind of relief to him. ED officials say that if he comes back he will be arrested immediately. He can be granted bail a day or two. Mallya will have to face the legal process. If he returns by his own pleasure, then we can issue Emergency Travel Documents. After this extradition case will end. Earlier, Mallya had said that Indian banks gave him ‘poster boy’ without giving it. Mallya left India in March 2016 and went to London.

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