Longest total lunar eclipse of the century today

The longest lunar eclipse of the century will be seen worldwide including India


This year will be the second year after the full moon ascension.


The longest lunar eclipse of this century will be on Friday night. During this one moon and moon will appear for 1 hour 43 minutes, it is also called ‘blood moon’. This astronomical event can be seen in many countries including India. It will start in India at 11.45 pm.


According to astronomers, on July 27, the Moon will be in the highest distance from Earth in its orbit, this situation is called lunar apology. Eclipse will also last for a long distance between the earth and the moon. On January 31 this year, there was also a full moon ascension. Then its duration was 1 hour 40 minutes. The smallest lunar eclipse of the century was on April 4, 2015. Its time was just 4 minutes 48 seconds. Now the next full moon ascension will occur on 31 December 2028. Before that, complete lunar eclipse has occurred in July 2000 and June 2011.


Why is the lunar eclipse

When the orbiting the Sun, the earth comes between the sun and the moon. When its shadow falls on the moon, it is visible from the Earth. When the moon is fully covered in the shadow of the Earth, there is a full moon ascension.


The entire lunar eclipse will be visible in Europe, mostly in Asia, Australia, South Africa and surrounding countries, North America, Pacific region, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica.


Another astronomical phenomenon after four days

On July 31, Mars will come closer to Earth. The distance between the two planets is 5.76 million kilometers. During this time red planet will look bigger. Such a coincidence is becoming a second time in 60 thousand years. Both the planets came so close to 2003, 15 years ago. Then the distance between them was 5.57 million kilometers. After this, this view will be visible on October 6, 2020. Then the distance between these planets is 6.176 million kilometers.

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