Why Lord Shiva Is Called Aghori Very Simple Method Of Shiv Puja Mahashivratri 2018

Mahashivratri: What is the meaning of Shiva’s pride, what two things are like Shiva, how to worship in a simple way


Shiva is known by many names like Sannyasi, Aghori, Oghar. The word Oghar has come from the word Aghori.


The festival of Mahashivratri will be celebrated on February 13 and 14. Year after year, it is a coincidence that for two days Shiva’s devotion will be considered as a great tribute. This is due to the almanac difference, somewhere 13 and somewhere on February 14 will be accepted. Shiva is also called Pashupatinath, that is because he is the lord of all creatures in creation. Shiva is known by many names like Sannyasi, Aghori, Oghar. The word Oghar has come from the word Aghori. Shiva is regarded as the emigrant. There are the gods of death. Why is Shiva called as intense? It has very deep meaning.

Shiva is also said to be the god of the system in the scriptures. They are the first seekers and masters before the medicine. All the therapies are contained in them. Know why Shiva is said to be superstitious. What is the meaning of Aghor ….


Shiva is impatient … what does this mean?

Ahhoor means we get scary things In the hand, the image of a tantrik is seen for the male cranium. But, Shiva is very impoverished. Terrible means, scary or very fierce. Shiva is comfortable, he lives in the crematorium, also in the pagoda. Kailash also has the abode, Kashi also dhima Same everywhere Shiva is also dear to Panchmeha, also the thorny fruits of the ghats. Both have the opposite qualities in taste, taste and color but accept both with similar expressions. Shiva is not terrible, she is comfortable, so she is very impatient. The idol of Vairagya is the statue There is no attachment to anyone, beyond every Maya, beyond any distinction, which is separate from every bond, it is very difficult. Shiva etc. is awful.


To make Shiva happy, take these two things into your life.

Go to nature: – Try to pass two-four days near nature. Apply at least one plant. Shiva is the god of nature. Setting a plant is not less than Shiva’s Jalabhishek. By planting the plant till it becomes a tree.


Learn how to help: – If someone is seeking help from you, then small or big, rich or poor, help without thinking about them all. Keep the same sense for everyone. Shiva is supposed to have equal emotions. Those differences are beyond intelligence. Neither do you distinguish yourself in anybody, nor do you like a person who discriminates. Change your view. Get the same values ​​for every class. One who knows the difference of self-love, is away from Shiva.


Such worship on Mahashivaratri

There are several laws for worshiping on Mahashivaratri. People worship Shiva in a variety of ways. If you do not have these rules, fasting, fasting time, then do your 5 things. If possible, make these rules every Monday or every day.


Wake up in Brahmamu get a shower.

Water the sun after bath.

Water at Shivalinga in a pagoda.

If possible, a few letters and flowers are also available.

Sit down in the pavilion for at least 10 minutes and chant it.

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