Lucky Couple Found Treasure In Garden Cleaning Worth Millions, Gave It Back To Right Full Owner

In the garden of the house, digging the soil to plant the plant were husband and wife, only then found a box full of gold and diamonds


Matthew and his wife were planting new trees in Maria Garden. They dug a few feet of ground and showed them a box.


New Zealand: A couple in New Zealand’s Stallone Island found a treasure trapped by the house gardens. Matthew and his wife living here were digging a new tree in Maria Garden. When they dug a few feet of ground, they found an iron box. They thought it would be some kind of cable box, but when they opened the box they were surprised. The box was full of gold, silver and diamonds. Inside there are many bags that had gold rings and chains. Their total value was $ 52 thousand (about Rs 35 lakh).

And then got an address

– Looking at the precious gems and many bags, Matthew and his wife understood that this is a treasure stolen, which was buried here. An address was found in the box, in which the address of a house in the neighborhood was written. Matthew took the box and reached the same address and reported to the police. Matthew said, when I went to the neighborhood home and asked if was ever stolen here? So they said, yes it was. Subsequently, the New York Police Department confirmed this, stating that a stolen case was registered on this address in 2011, in which mention of theft of $ 52 thousand is mentioned.

Repaid treasure

– After getting this information, Matthew and his wife returned the entire treasure to their rightful owner. Many people asked him why did you return the treasure? So Maria said – that was not our thing. We do not want any award because whatever we have done is our good work. In the memory of getting treasure, he has now placed a mud elephant in that place.

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