Maharashtra Karni Sena Withdraws Protest Over Padmaavat.

Maharashtra’s Karani army withdrew its protest on Padmav, Lokendra Kalvi said- fake party


The Karan army of Maharashtra issued a statement after watching the movie that the sacrifice of Rajputa is shown in it.


 Maharashtra Karni Sena Withdraws Protest Over Padmaavat : Karan army’s Maharashtra unit has withdrawn its protest on the film Padmavat. After watching the movie, the statement was released, which stated that the heroes and sacrifices of Rajputs were shown in this film. He has also assured the help of film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. However, Chief of Army Staff Lokendra Singh Kalvi said that group was a fake.

On the say of the National President, we saw the film


– National Vice President of National Rajput Army (Maharashtra Wing), Yogendra Singh Katara, has issued a Letter Head statement and announced to withdraw the protest.
– It is written in the letter that on the say of the army’s national president Sukhdev Singh Gogamadi, some people saw the film in Mumbai and found that the film shows the bravery of Rajputs.


‘In other states we release the film’

“Letter is written in the letter,” In the states where the film has not been released, now they will help themselves in its release. Every Rajput will feel proud after watching the film. ”


‘Duplicate Karani army did the film pass’

– On the withdrawal of the film’s protest in Maharashtra, Karan Sena Chief Lokendra Singh Kalvi said in a communication to a website that this is not his act.
– Kalvi said, “This statement has been given by the Duplicate group of the Army. We are still opposing the film and are in touch with the central government.”

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