Major Handa Threaten By Shailja Dwivedi For Not To Follow

Selja massacre: Major created fake profile on FB, framed himself as a businessman and implicated 3 other women


A few days ago, husband Amit had caught Selja with a hand-made video call with Handa.


Investigations in the Selja massacre and police inquiries revealed that Major Handa had made friendship with Selja in 2015 after creating a fake Facebook profile. Then his posting was in Jammu and Kashmir. She also had a friendship with three other women here too. He used to call himself a businessman.


Call details revealed that Major Nikhil Handa had called Shelaja Dwivedi three thousand times in six months. Handa told the police that Shailaja had threatened to court martial by complaining to the officers of the army not to leave him behind. Seeing the injury on the job, he killed Selja. Meanwhile, on Monday, the court sent him on a four-day police remand.


Selja wanted to make a distance from Major Hada

A few days ago, he was caught calling with video with Selja Nikhil. Major Amit warned his wife, then she started trying to make distances from Nikhil. However, he could not do that.


Selja’s mobile near Handa’s house: Police has recovered Selja’s mobile from a dustbin outside the house of Major Handa, in Saket, Delhi. Both the call details revealed a long conversation between them. The knife used in the murder was found by Handa’s car. The police is looking for another knife. It is suspected that at the time of the incident, he had two knives.


Maj Handa, who lived near Selja’s house in Dimapur, told that after the friendship was confirmed, he had told the truth that he was not a businessman. His transfer also came from Srinagar to Dimapur of Nagaland. She started living near Shelaja’s house. Shelaja had called Handa at a party at his house. In this, Selja had introduced the accused husband Amit for the first time.

Bhai and uncle will also be questioned

DCP West Vijay Kumar told that Nikhil was in touch with his uncle and brother after the murder. Both will be questioned to confirm their role in the case. The DCP said that the case has been filed while adding evidence against the accused besides killing the accused.

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