Man Claims That He Travelled In Future Went To Year 6000

The claim of a man: I have returned in 6000, said these things in the future


This man has told such things which are difficult to believe.


Recently a man has claimed that he has gone to 6000 in the future. According to a viral video on social media, a journalist interviewed this person in an unknown place. In which this person has told such things which are difficult to believe. Open these secrets …

– This person said that he was involved in a secret plan of government in 1990. There are some intelligence agencies in the government who have the means to go in the future. They have every technique that can be scrutinized in the future.


To prove the claim

To prove his claim in the future, this person also shows a photo and says that he has taken this photo by going in 6000. Photo claims to be of the same city where he lives. According to him, his city looks like this in such years.


I know you will not trust

– In the video this person says further, I know that it is difficult for people to believe in my future story. It is not your fault. If I even saw someone else claiming such claims, then maybe I too could not believe it. But believe me I have seen all this. The technology can take us there.


And then he started crying

– Explaining the story of his future, this man started crying loudly. He told that one of his special friends along with him went in the future. But he could not return. This person hopes that he will definitely get back to him again.


This thing will become common until 2028

– At the end of his video this person said that people do not believe it yet, but by the year 2028 it will be very easy to go in the future. Let me tell you, there are various reactions on this post on social media. Many people have described this person as crazy and eccentric.

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