Measures Of Ekadashi, Measures Of Vishnu

Today, the Ekadashi and Monday Yoga, any one of the 7 measures, can be overcome by the grace of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.


This time Yogini Ekadashi is on 9th July, Monday. By doing some special measures on this day, your wish may be fulfilled.


Ekadashi of the Krishna Paksha of Ekadashi is called Yogini Ekadashi. This time this Ekadashi is on 9th July, Monday. According to Pt Manish Sharma, astrologer of Ujjain, on this day, every worshiper of Lord Vishnu can complete his desires. Goddess Lakshmi is also pleased by taking the action of Lord Vishnu, which can make the sum of money benefits. These measures can be done on Ekadashi.


On this day, God bless Vishnu with some yellow flowers, as well as the lotus flower offering to Goddess Lakshmi.


On the one hand, devote god Vishnu to Kheer, yellow fruits or yellow sweets.


If you want money, then worship Lord Mata Lakshmi with Lord Vishnu on Ekadashi.


On the evening of Ekadashi, place a lamp of pure cow’s milk in front of the Tulsi plant and salute the Tulsi plant.


In Pipal, Lord Vishnu is believed to be the abode. Therefore, offer water to Peepal tree on Ekadashi.


Vishnu donate food (wheat, rice, etc.) by visiting Lord’s Temple. Later, divide it among the poor.


Mix raw saffron milk (boiled) in milk and add saffron to Lord Vishnu.

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