Memoirs Of Kavi Kumar Azad Funeral On 10th July Last Shot Done By Him On Two Days Ago

Reminiscence Balance: Dr. Hathi, who was speaking to the producer before his death, shoot quickly, my sequence, last July 7


Kumar Azad had already anticipated his death, so he asked the producer to shoot his sequence early.


The funeral of poet Kumar Azad will be done on Tuesday, July 10th. Till then, his dead body has been kept in the cold storage at Bharat Ratna Indira Gandhi Hospital located at Mira Road. In fact, the parents of Azad, Sasaram, Bihar have gone to join a marriage. Only Azad will be cremated after his arrival. Kavi Kumar Azad was also close to everyone in Real Life as his character.


Some special things related to Kavi Kumar Azad

80 kg weight was reduced from surgery: Hansraj Hathi, i.e. Poet Kumar Azad, who had won the hearts of everyone with his comedy in Taraka Mehta’s Ulta Chashma, was much more in weight. The first used to weigh 254 kg. Due to the increased weight, he had a lot of difficulty in walking. In October, 2010, he reduced his weight by 80 kg after getting a bariatric surgery. In 2014, he weighed 170 kg.


Two days ago the producer said to settle quickly

Two days before the heart attack, Azad gave his last shot of his shoot sequence on July 7. He told the makers that they should complete all their shots for the current sequence. Perhaps he had already feared the possibility of any untowardness.


Kavi Kumar Azad, resident of Sasaram of Bihar, was a resident of Dherkhan in Sasaram of Azad, Bihar. Kumar had an interest in acting since childhood, but as he grew up, his body started growing randomly. Even after this, he did not give up the hobby of acting. Azad fled to Mumbai His pocket was not foggy. Many nights spent on the sidewalk.


Slowly he started getting small rolls in some TV shows. But the identity was found only by ‘Tarak Mehta’s Ulta Chashma’. He was associated with the show in 2009.


Azad: The show’s director Asit said that Azad was very positive person. He used to love his show a lot and used to shoot even after he was not well. “Azad said in the morning today (Monday) that he was not feeling well, he could not come on the shoot, after which we got news of his demise.” We are not in a position to say anything more than that. ”


Asit had said- living the life of the bonus

All of us were aware of the free drinking drink from Habit. Once the producer of the show Asit Modi advised him to drink less then Azad had said – “I am living the life, I am living for the bonus.” Then he had asked Asit not to drink on the set, so he used to drink only after going out of Film City (where ‘Tarak Mehta …’) is located in Goregaon.


Real life was also fond of eating ‘Dr. hathi “:

According to Mandar, who played the role of Bhide in the show” On Monday morning we all had to shoot a sequence in Film City. Then it was discovered that Azad’s health was bad, so we went ahead without him shooting.


– Bhide said – I had a very good relationship with him. We sat together, used to eat food. Even when I came on the shoot they asked, what have you brought in today’s Tiffin? Like his character, he was very fond of eating even in real life. “

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