Narendra Modi China Visit Meet Xi Jinping Wuhan Summit

To come to India for such informal talks in 2019, I would be happy: Modi’s Jinping was invited in Wuhan


Modi will go to China to join the Shanghai Co-Operation Organization meeting again this June.


There were two meetings between Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping on Friday in Wuhan city of China. The first conversation in Hubei Museum lasted nearly half an hour. During this, Modi has felicitously praised the three dams built here. He said that on the scale and the speed at which you made them. I am quite impressed by this. In the second meeting with the delegation, Modi invited Jinping to come to India for informal talks in 2019. Let us know that Modi’s fourth visit to China in four years. There are six meetings between the two leaders. On Saturday morning, both the leaders will walk around the lake and then discuss the boat. These meetings have been called ‘informal summit talks’.


Modi expresses thanks to Jinping

– Modi said that the people of India are truly proud that I am the first Indian Prime Minister, for whom you (Shi Jinping) come out twice from the capital.


– “I am happy that this summit has given you great importance, that the informal committee will develop our regular system, I would be happy to have the opportunity to do such an informal summit in 2019.”


– “Working for 40 percent of the world’s population is the responsibility of China and India, which means that we will get rid of many problems of the world, we will work together for big opportunities for us.”


– “A very positive atmosphere was created through this informal summit and you (Jinping) personally contributed a big and important contribution in this. India and China have been working as two engineers of global economic development since 1600 years in the last 2,000 years. They are. ”


During the stay of the Chief Minister had heard of the dams


– Xi Jinping broke the protocol for the first time in an informal conversation with the Indian prime minister. Modi said: “When I was CM of Gujarat, I had heard about these dams, on the scale and the speed at which they were created, it affected me, this is the reason that I have come to study tour and One day, decided to spend on the dam.


– “The cultures of India and China are related to the rivers. If we talk about the ancient civilization of Harappa and Mohenjodaro, they were settled on the banks of rivers.”


Four things in Modi’s tour for the first time

1) Modi became the first Prime Minister to visit China for the fourth time. Prior to them before that Manmohan Singh had gone to China three times. Jinping has just visited India once in 4 years.


2) Modi is the first PM for whom Jinping has broken the protocol and has set an informal conversation. So far Modi’s official meeting was with Prime Minister Li Keqiang. After Keqiang, he used to visit Jinping.


3) It is happening for the first time that after the meeting of a leader of India-China, no joint statement will be issued, nor media briefing.


4) This will be the 11th time between Modi-Jinging. Before this, Modi had met US President Barack Obama for the most eight times.

Raise issue of Dolaam-Pak Corridor in his No Agenda tour Modi: Rahul


In the meantime, Rahul Gandhi said that Modi should take up the issue of China, along with China, Dokalam, Pak Corridor (CPEC) issue without any agenda of its agenda.


– Rahul said, “I saw photographs of Modi’s no agenda tour on TV, they were being seen in tension, and the country wants to know what you talked about these serious issues, we are with you.”


Modi meeting meeting in 24 hours


1) On Friday, the first meeting of the two leaders has been held in the Hubei Museum. The two leaders also saw the museum here.


2) The second talk of Modi-Jinping will be in the State Guest House located near East Lake. It will include a delegation of 6-6 officials from both sides.


3) There will be discussion between the two leaders after dinner.


4) On Saturday morning, both leaders will stroll along the East Lake and discuss.


5) After this Modi and Jinping will ride the boat.


6) Both leaders will be met during lunch on Saturday.


Analysis: Protocol for Modi will break Jinping

– Lt Gen SL Narasimhan, who is India’s Defense Advisor in China, says that Modi is the first Prime Minister for whom Chinese President Xi Jinping has set an informal summit. This is a big exception in Chinese politics, which is very much focused on the protocol.


– “The President of China should convene a summit with another country’s prime minister, it is a big diplomatic event, it has been possible with a private repo between Modi-Jinping.”


– “So far when Modi came on a visit to China, his official visit was with Prime Minister Lee Keqiang, after which he met President Jinping, so that the informal summit in Wuhan has been decided, in fact, meeting in Beijing The protocol would have been obstructed. ”


– Lieutenant-General Vinod Bhatia, director of the Center for Combined Warfare Studies, said that after the US president, China has broken this protocol for Modi. When the President himself, instead of the prime minister, will be meeting with them. The Prime Minister’s post is not in the US. It is a meeting of two of the world’s most powerful leaders.


Comparing tour to Rajiv Gandhi’s visit to China

Modi’s tour is being compared to Rajiv Gandhi’s visit to China in 1988. Then 26 years after the 1962 Indo-China war, Rajiv had tried to remove the sarcasm in the relations between the two countries. His meeting with Deng Xiaoping was also very successful. (Read the full story here).


Modi will again go to China in June

Modi will again go to China to join the Shanghai Co-Operations Organization meeting in June this year.


– After becoming PM, Modi is on an overseas tour for the 55th time in 47 months.


Before Modi became Prime Minister, only five Prime Ministers visited China in 67 years. These include Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi, Narasimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh.


Doubles controversy

This informal summit of Modi-Jinping is being considered as an attempt to remove the bitterness in the relations between the two countries after the Docmal controversy. In this, it is possible to overcome the difficulties in relations between two years and to further strengthen the relationship. There may also be talk about increasing economic activity.


Nsg membership

The agenda for the meeting is not declared. But in addition to Dokalam, there can be peace talks on the Line of Actual Control, Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, NSG membership, trade and Chinese investment in India. China can propose separate framework on the border defense co-operation agreement in 2013.

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