Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi Donald Trump Barack Obama Lose Followers On Twitter

Twitter has closed the fake account, Rahul only has 17,000, Modi has lost 3 million fake followers


For this reason, more than 77 lakh followers of Twitter have become less and more than 50 million people follow Twitter.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter Followers fell short on Friday. According to, on Friday, Prime Minister Modi’s 2 lakh 84 thousand 746 and Rahul Gandhi’s 17 thousand 503 Twitter followers were reduced. This is because Twitter has removed the locked account from its platform. Twitter had already given information about this through a blog post. According to the post, Twitter said that the number of followers should be correct and therefore locked accounts are removed from follow-up counts.


More than 89 thousand followers were increased in a month

89 thousand 552 followers in Prime Minister Modi’s last month increased. According to this, the number of those who followed them increased more than 12 thousand daily. However, compared to Modi, Rahul Gandhi’s followers are more expansive. In their last one month, 4 thousand 603 ie 1 lakh 25 thousand 175 followers increased.


More than 23 million followers of Obama

Former US President Barack Obama’s followers have lost more than 2.3 million. Their 23 lakh 57 thousand 631 followers fell short on Friday and their 18 lakh 6 thousand 490 followers have been reduced during the last one month.


In the same way, the follow-up of American President Donald Trump increased 5,3 9 33 instead of being reduced on Friday, but on Thursday his 3,26,668 fellows were reduced. The number of people who followed the trump to Obama has increased by 3,37,621 in the last one month.


– Twitter’s official account has also reduced the number of followers. On Twitter, 77 million 31 thousand 910 followers of Twitter decreased. Now 5 million 51 million 581 people follow Twitter.



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