Negligence CBSE Teachers

CBSE had taken stringent action against 130 teachers, in evaluating the collections


CBSE’s strict action against 130 teachers, complete case


Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, has decided to take action against 130 teachers across the country if not counting the marks obtained by the students in the Board Examination of 10th and 12th. Under this, CBSE sent notice to schools to take action on 130 teachers and co-ordinators across the country. Including suspension of teachers. According to an official of the Board, wherever wherever mistakes have been found in evaluation of the caste, the regional offices have been instructed to take action against those schools, teachers and co-ordinators.


Most disturbances in Patna

A senior CBSE official said that most of the mistakes have been made by Patna teachers. 45 teachers here were found to be spoiling the credibility of the board and playing with the serious consequences related to the students’ careers.


Other areas where mistakes were found

Apart from Patna, 27 candidates of CBSE’s Dehradun office, 14 from Chennai, 11 from Allahabad, 7 from Bhubaneswar, 7 from Guwahati, 8 from Ajmer, 8 from Thiruvananthapuram and 6 teachers of Delhi have been marked for errors in evaluation.


7 teachers of Delhi region will be suspended They have been found guilty of not computing the correct numbers. While taking action, teachers of three government and 2 private schools in Delhi area have so far been suspended. Similarly, the board has sent a notice to some schools in Allahabad and asked to suspend 15 teachers. The officer said that the notice of disciplinary action, including sacking of 27 teachers from Dehradun office, has been sent to the schools.


Disturbances found from 50 to 55 points

The Central Board of Secondary Education has taken this tough step against the teachers when the copies were examined again, they found a 50-55 point disturbance. The umbrella was thrown into a copy of Urdu. When that copy was re-evaluated, the student passed.


For the first time such action by CBSE

This is happening for the first time when the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has taken stringent steps against such teachers making such a mistake.


Messing with the future of students

This disturbance by the teachers in evaluating the collection of copies is definitely a gross negligence done by them. The results of class 12 exams are very important for the students’ careers. Admissions are done at the University of Delhi based on the intermediate marks.


How To Find Out The Problems In Evaluation

CBSE had announced the results of the 10th and 12th results in May. After that the re-evaluation process began. Under this process, the students who were not satisfied with their marks. He applied for re-evaluation. In which the board found a distortion from 50 to 55 points.

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