Nirav Modi Stayed In Flat Above Jewellery Store In London

Neerav lives in flat on top of his jewelery store in London, despite being canceled passport 4 times out of Britain: report


The British newspaper quoted unconfirmed reports that Neerav has sought refuge from Britain.


Neerav Modi, accused of fraud of Rs 13,600 crore in Punjab National Bank, is living in a flat over his jewelery store in London. According to the report of the Sunday Times newspaper, since India has canceled the passport of Neerav, after that he has been out of Britain for at least 4 times. In the PNB scam, orders have been issued for the arrest of accused Nirv Modi and Mehul Vigyan. The CBI has also appealed to the Interpol to issue red corner notice against Neerav.


The Sunday Times said in the report that Neerav stayed in the flat on top of his jewelery store “Neerav Modi” in the Post Mayfair area, this jewelery store was closed last week, the report quoted an Indian official as saying. The officer said, “Is the UK a safe haven, why do such people always come here?” Nirav is using the UK as a safe haven. Between Riten threatening to harm diplomatic relations.


Hong Kong, New York, Paris was Nairav ​​Modi:

On February 23, India canceled Modi’s passport. After this, interpol and British government also contacted. The report claimed that official documents indicate that Neerav went to Heathrow Airport on March 15 from Heathrow Airport. On March 28, he moved from this airport to New York. Three days later, he traveled from London to Paris. On June 12, he traveled from London to Brussels via the Eurostar train.


Warrant issued in case of theft of custom duty

Revenue Intelligence Agency DRI has sent an arrest warrant by email to Neerav Modi in the theft of custom duty. The agency filed a case against Nirav Modi and three of his firms in March.

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