Normal Bookie Became Cricket Betting King Within Two Years

Cricket Satta King sleeps on the bed of notes, raid machines in raid


The ordinary speculator betting betting became a speculative king in only two years.


In the city, he became a spear king in just two years with the simple speculator betting Mohammad Asif betting racket of cricket betting racket. Raiding the police, only Rs. 2.65 crores cash, including proof of a collection of 50 crores of collection of a week, were received by the police. Out of which, Asif hid in the 65 lakh cupboards. The remaining 2 crores were kept under the bed. She sleeps on the same bed. To hide the money under the bed, he had a design like Diwani. During the raids, when the police was searching for money, he tried to bluff it.

Counting one rupee per one machine out of five

Police seized four hours to count the seizure note According to the police, five machines were counted from bank counting notes. Counting one of these machines also damaged the machine. The first bundles were made to count them, then the counting started from the machine. All seized notes are new. The police did not even have the idea of ​​getting such a huge amount from here.


A large amount found out of ordinary two-storey house


In the two-storey house that looked ordinary outside the Aroopi, the coffins in the wardrobe and the bed were hidden. Asif was arrested in the raid, the center of cash depositing at the house was made where the agents used to collect money collection and collect money. Asif’s RDA plot has a luxury house. There is a decoration of precious things within a two-storey house. His prey is also being scrutinized. According to officials, it is being detected that he has not recently purchased any major property.


The accused is running the clothes shop


– The accused runs a clothing shop in the city to blame the police. The police team raided there at the same time. His companion Mohit was arrested from the shop. The third partner in the racket and Asif’s brother Mohsin, who lives in Mumbai, is still absconding. They used to operate all the gangs. His link is with Mumbai’s bookies.


The last few days were made by carrying bags


In the house of Asif, for the past few days, the arrival of unaware faces of cars and bike riders had increased. Especially after the series of cricket started, the bags were enlarged. However, he was not very similar to most people. It is also less harmful to the people around them, but the person who was in the same contact was telling them that there are people associated with her business.


Force was so busy that people living nearby


Aspirants from the last few days have been aware of the news of the gossip of Asif, due to the cricket match. After that, the house was encircled under full planning after the police received the request. Because of this, the accused did not get a chance to escape. There was so much force in the police that people living nearby were stunned for some time.


Hackers used to bet through apps and wattsapp


Investigations have shown that Asif’s brother Mohsin stayed in Mumbai and used to link him with the book and set the rate there. After that, the link was shared with his brother from the mobile app. On the same basis, Asif sent links to the bookies here. The bookies used to bet through the app and the WATSAP. The bet was taken on mobile, but before the match began, the agents would go to the bookies and collect the money. Money was delivered to Asif’s house at Raipur on the same day or a day. Asif made the collection center of his house to dodge the police and the rest of the people. All the agents of the whole state used to pay money right here and after the match, they used to take money from them and give them money. Asif had selected the agents, so that no one could doubt his arrival.


Asif was not booking a loan


With betting bets, there was a condition of cash. Asif did not take any booking in borrowed money at any cost. He used to do the entire business in the cache. The wager was told that the online payment would not be taken. Asif has made his home a collection center. Prior to that the money was transferred to Mumbai. Asif’s link is also from Nagpur’s bookies. Money was sent to Mumbai only through Nagpur. According to the police officials, the team has been sent to Mumbai for the search of the brother of Mohammed Asif. After getting caught, names of agents who collect and deliver the money will be revealed.

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