Now, Rail Passengers To Pay Six-Time Penalty For Carrying Excess Luggage

Rail travel will take 6 times the fines, strict rules will be applicable if carrying more than the fixed limit


Railways said that the rules are for 30 years. Just now these will be implemented strictly.


Just like air travel, there will be a fierce penalty on carrying luggage over the fixed limit even during the rail travel. After complaints of carrying more luggage in the railway compartment, the Railway Board has decided to strictly implement the 30-year old rules. According to a railway official, if a person gets more luggage than the fixed limit, the freight for the extra luggage will be charged as 6 times the penalty. The department is running a special campaign between June 1-6 to strictly implement the rules in all the zones.


6 times the penalty will be charged in this way


– Ved Prakash, director of the information and publicity of the Railway Board, said, “Suppose a traveler is traveling in 500 sq.ft luggage with 80 kilograms in the sleeper class, then he should book his 40kg extra luggage from the parcel office to 109 rupees If the passenger does not do so, he will have to pay 654 rupees for extra 40 kg of goods. ”


– Railways will also ensure that no more size boxes, briefcases and chestnuts are drawn from fixed measurements. If their size is high, they should be booked and sent to the luggage van.


Rules beforehand, now strictly – Railways


– Ved Prakash said, “The rules are already there, we will only enforce them strictly. Now if the passenger gets more than the fixed limit without booking, 6 times more fines than the freight freight of additional goods These steps are being taken for the complaints of lack of space due to luggage in the coaches and the convenience of the passengers. During the flight, check the weight of luggage of every passenger. The railway will not be tested in this way. ”


What are the rules

AC first class: 150 kg border is of luggage. Can take 70 Kg free. There is a freight payout for an additional 80 kg.


AC Two Tires: Can carry goods worth up to 100 kg. Up to 50 kg of stuff is free. There is a freight payout for an additional 50 kg.


Sleeper class: Can carry goods worth 80 kg. No price will be paid for 40 kg, while additional weight is to be booked from the parcel office.


Second Class: Up to 70 kilograms can be taken for weight, no price will be paid for 35 Additional 35 Kgs. There is a booking for.


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