How To Open A Petrol Pump

Anyone can earn 10 lakhs rupees by opening petrol pump, know full process


Any person can take the dealership of petrol pump.


1 liter petrol is profitable from 2.5 to 3 rupees. According to this, if 4 to 5 thousand liters of petrol is sold in a day, then one day’s earnings will be 15 thousand rupees. Similarly, 1 liters of diesel profit from two to two and a half rupees. If you sell 4-5,000 liters of petrol and diesel every day, you can earn up to Rs 10 lakh per month.

Any person can take the dealership of petrol pump. It has a fixed process, which has to be completed. Today we are telling you about this. Federation of MP Petrol-Dealer Association Vice President Paras Jain told that the process of getting the dealership of petrol pump is now online.


How to open gasoline pumps

Oil companies open petrol pumps according to their requirement. In whatever area the company has to open the petrol pump, the advertisement is issued in the newspaper. It mentions all the rules, conditions. Any person completing these rules can apply online for the dealership on the respective company’s website. After this, the company officials observe. Petroleum Ministry can ban petrol pump opening. Only after getting the green signal from the companies, companies can advertise the advertisement.


1200 to 1600 sqm of land required


The first requirement for opening petrol pumps is to the ground.


Must be at least 1200 to 1600 square meters of land on the State or National Highway.


While opening petrol pumps in urban areas, it is important to have at least 800 sqm of space.


If there is no land in its name then land can be taken on lease too. The company must show its papers.


There is land on the name of any member of the family, even then petrol pump can be applied for dealership.


If agriculture is lending, then it has to be converted. All the documents related to the land including the map of the property, NOC company officials see during inspection.


The dealership of petrol pump can take the same person, between the age of 21 and 60 years. It is also important for the concerned person to have at least 10th pass.


Have to pay security money


To open petrol pump, the company has to pay security money to the respective oil company. This amount is 25 lakh rupees. After this there are other expenses.


Such as construction of raw roads, boundary wall, NOC expenditure, NAPTOL, and food department license have to be taken as per petrol pump. With the provision of electricity, water, the cabin is to be constructed. It can be an investment of up to Rs. 1 crore.


There are currently three government and two private companies working in India. Apart from this there are also some companies, whose work is being started right now. There are about 50 thousand petrol pumps across the country.

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