Panch Dhatu rings Benefits

Panch dhatu anguthi benefits in hindi, ring in fingers, anghuthi ke upay


If people burn with you then wear such a ring, can shine luck. If you do not want to wear a ring, you can wear hard in hand.


Panch Dhatu rings Benefits : Nine planets are described in astrology. These nine planets are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Thurs, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. At the time of birth of a person, these 9 planets make auspicious sum in 12 quotes of horoscope. With the effect of these formulations, the person gets happiness or sorrow. If there are defects in planets in the horoscope then the measures have also been suggested to avoid them. Positive results can be achieved by taking these measures.


Punch metal ring


Panch Dhatu rings Benefits : One of the remedies to remove the defects of the planets is that the ring of metal related to the ominous planet should be held. All planets have different metals. If all the planets are to be happy together, then we can wear the Panchadattu ring. Punch metal ring can ring finger ring finger i.e. ring finger.


These are the benefits of this ring


– Holding the punch metal ring ends the negativity around us. Our energy grows. Positive thoughts begin to appear. Fate can get along.

If you burn, you can get the benefit from holding the ring of Panchdhut.

– Feel in the work and the defects of the planets can also be reduced.

– Those who do not want to wear this ring, they can wear the punch metal hardened too.

These metals are made of punch metal ring

In this ring, five metals are mixed, that is, they are ring of mixed metal. To make it, gold, silver, copper, brass and lead metal are used.


How to hold the ring


Buy a ring in auspicious time and bring home. Wash it with ganga water or clean water. After this, keep the ring with the deities in the temple of the house and worship it. Offer things like kuncum, flowers, rice, prasad etc. on the ring in the pooja. Burn the lamp, make aarti. Worship this ring after worship.

Be careful to consult a specialist astrologer before wearing the ring.

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