Paris Renames Metro Stations For World Cup Win Of France Heroes

On the victory of the World Cup in France, the names of six Parisian stations were changed in honor of the players and coaches.


Paris station Viktor Huzo is named after the team captain and goalkeeper, “Victor Huuzo Loris”


The names of six Metro stations in Paris have been changed in honor of France’s World Cup winning team. The station Victor Huzo is named after the team captain and goalkeeper, “Victor Huuzo Loris”. The name of the Bursee metro station has been named ‘Bercy Les Blues’. The name of the Everon station has been named ‘House Everon Gagne’. It’s a French drama that counts ‘we won’. Apart from these, the name of Charles de Gaulle etoile has been named ‘On a Too Atimee’. That means – we have two stars. Here is the meaning of two stars from the victory of 1998 and 2018.


Apart from these, the names of two stations have been named after coach Deere Dashchamps, who, as a player in 1998 and 20 years later, provided the team with the World Cup. The station on the famous Notre Dame Church in France has been named Notre-Didier Dashchamps, while the Paris Central Stop has been named Dashchamp Elyses-Clemens. However, it is not clear whether this change is permanent or not.


France’s jersey worn by Monalisa

From France’s Louvre Museum, congratulated the team in a different style. He has posted a photo of Leonardo da Vinci’s world-renowned painting Monalisa wearing a Jersey jersey.

England and Belgium also did the respect of the team

Belgium defeated England in the World Cup to finish third. In the same joy, Brussels changed the name of the Arts-Loi station to Hazard-Loyi in the name of its player Eden Hazard. England also changed the name of London’s Southgate Metro station to Gareth Southgate Station after 28 years after the team, which was transferred to the semi-finals.

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