Philippines is building a new city designed to withstand natural calamities

12 million people will be able to stay in the backup city of the Philippines


In the Philippines ‘Ring of Fire’ zone, the threat of earthquake and volcanic eruption in countries that are coming in


A new city is being built in the Philippines, which will be completely safe from natural disasters. It has been named ‘New Clarke City’, which is 100 kilometers away from the capital Manila. It will also be safe on storms, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Therefore, it is also being called Backup City. This city is being inhabited in about 95 sq km. It will be able to accommodate 12 lakh people. The Philippines, with a population of 26 million, is in the ‘ring of fire’ in the Pacific Ocean. There is a danger of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the countries of this region.


According to Vivincio Dijon, chairman of the government organization Bases Convergence and Development Authority (BCDA) and Head of Clark City Plans, “We also want to reduce the pollution caused by vehicles, most of the city is being built for walking. Traffic arrangements have also been put in place that the use of cars is reduced. “The construction of the city will be completed in five phases. In the first phase, two billion dollars.


Natural things will save Clark City

According to Dijon, “Green Energy, like solar energy and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), will be used in the city.” Gas will also be used in the waste, according to the low consumption of electricity. The natural things, such as river, mountains, trees will not be tampered with, the new city is being set up in height compared to Manila. There will be no danger of floods. “There are mountains on all four sides of New Clark City, which will protect it from the storm. With the concrete, the debris of the volcano is being used to build a house, it will be able to bear the heat of the material volcano. According to the Philippine Joint Typhoon Warning System, 19 cyclonic storms occur every year in the country, from 1600 to 2013 Nearly 7,000 people have died in the 11 worst earthquakes that occurred.

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