PM Modi Will Launch Amma Two Wheeler Scheme In Chennai

Modi arrives in Surat, will launch several schemes in Daman; Amma Two Wheeler Scheme Will Launch In Chennai


Under the two schemes of former CM Jayalalithaa, two wheelers will be given a bike subsidy to Working Women under the scheme.


Chennai. Narendra Modi arrived in Surat on Saturday. They will show the flag for the Run for New India here. At the same time, we will start several schemes in Daman. Apart from this, he will launch the Amma Two Wheeler Scheme of Tamil Nadu Government on the birth anniversary of late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. This scheme was one of Jayalalitha’s dream schemes. Modi also has a program to go to Puducherry.


PM Modi Will Launch Amma Two Wheeler Scheme In Chennai

Working Woman to Get Bike Subsidy

– Biking subsidy will be given to Working Women under the two wheeler scheme covered in future plans of former CM Jayalalitha.

– Under the scheme, the Tamil Nadu government will provide 50 percent subsidy to the women working outside the house for buying a bike.

– Let’s tell that Jayalalitha died due to cardiac arrest on December 5, 2016.

Modi to visit Arvindo Ashram in Puducherry

– PM will travel from Chennai to Puducherry. Where the Aravindo Ashram will give tribute to the spiritual master Arvindo. You will also talk to the students at the Arvindo Education Center here.

– Modi will release a stamp in a rally on the occasion of golden jubilee celebration of Auroville city.

Modi will also show the flag for the Run for New India to be held in Surat on Saturday evening.

Modi had spoken on bank fraud for the first time on Friday

Narendra Modi had said in the Global Business Summit on Friday evening – “I would like to clarify that this government is taking stringent action against irregularities related to economic matters and will continue to do it. Irregular acquisition of public money, accept this system Will not done.”

– “I also want to make an appeal that in the various financial institutions, the responsibility of maintaining rules and principles, which is given to ethics, should be done with full devotion, especially those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring.”

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