PNB Fraud Nirav Modi Mehul Choksi Diamonds Jewellery Auction Not Soon

PNB Fred: Neerav Modi’s 9 fascinating cars and 86 million shareholders of Gitanjali James

 According to seized experts, in the meantime, the government will spend millions of rupees on their security.


The action of Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the CBI is continuing for the eighth day continuously. On Thursday, in the PNB scam, raid was carried out on the farmhouse in Nirav Modi’s Albagh. Apart from this, Rs 7.80 crore mutual funds and shares have been seized, including nine attractive cars of Neerav. Apart from this, several mutual funds and shares of 86.27 million Gitanjali Group of Mehul Chowk were also taken by the investigating agency. At the same time, the ED has coordinated the appointment of Giri India Company director Aniyat Shivaramani to Mumbai.


PNB Fraud Nirav Modi Mehul Choksi Diamonds Jewellery Auction Not Soon

ED seized nine cars of Neerav Modi

– Enforcement Directorate seized nine attractive cars of Neerav

Modi, including a Rolls Royce ghost, a Porsche Panamara, 2 Mercedes-Benz GL-30 CDI, a Toyota Fortuner, 3 Honda City cars and 1 Innova car. Enforcement Directorate (ED) has seized jewelery worth Rs 56.49 crore from Nirov’s bases, which seized Rs 5649 crore worth of jewelery.


– Punjab National Bank (PNB) with Rs 11,356 crore.


According to the experts, PNB is not fully telling the extent of how much money is left over Mehul Vigilance and Neerav Modi.

Advocate Subodh Kumar Pathak said that before the decision on the case the sale could not be done or the sale is happening

under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). It’s a criminal caseThere is a provision in the Act that the accused can be confiscated if the property or assets created from the tainted (wrongly earned) money can be confiscated. But till the lawsuit can not be judged, its auction or sale can not be done on the basis of a supplier’s documents on seized diamonds and jewelery claiming that it is only for Narva Modi to sell for diamond-jewelery. Had given it, then the matter would have been more complicated. If that person’s claim came true then these diamonds and jewelers had returned to him.

Under the SurfSee Act, if the payment is not paid within 60 days, it is not clear whether Nirav Modi has taken the loan in lieu of the property (movable property), stock of balance sheet etc. If Modi If the stock is mortgage then under the Sarfesi Act, the alami can be easilyBut if it does not happen, then the auction will be done only after the case is over, under which the government gives notice to return the loan , under the law, Morgan’s property can be auctioned for non-payment of 60 days.


Franchisees and suppliers can also claim

– diamond-fossil traders said that Idi has seen the recovery of goods worth 5600 crore, it can be of franchisee stores.

– Franchisee can pay before taking the goods, in such a way the franchisee may have to return the goods.

Apart from this, a supplier claims that if he had given Modi only for sale for diamond-jewelery, then the claim would have to be returned to the seized goods after the claim goes out.

Gitanjali’s share was down 10% down

Gitanjali James’s stock also went down 10% on Wednesday.The shares were at Rs 62.85 on 12th February. 56% fall since then PNB has been closed for a second consecutive day with 55 paise to close at 117.10 , with the heads of the Ministry, the meeting of the Ministry will be held in the Finance Ministry with the heads of banks affected by PNB fraud. PNB argues that officials of other banks have also ignored the rules. Therefore, the mistake is also theirs

. The Trinamool Congress wants to know from the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) that the Trinamool Congress is investigating the scam. Left parties agree but Trinamool is opposed to Congress.


PNB Fraud Nirav Modi Mehul Choksi Diamonds Jewellery Auction Not Soon

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