Police Recovered Rs 90 Crore Old Currency Notes In Kanpur

Reports of Rs 96 crore in Kanpur recovered; Builder’s home was billed like money, 16 people arrested



National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided on Tuesday late evening recovered old notes worth Rs 96 crore from a closed house.


Kanpur. National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Uttar Pradesh Police raided late Tuesday evening, recovered old documents worth Rs 96 crore from a closed house. This house belongs to a renowned builder here. Notes were kept like two beds in two to three rooms. So far 16 people have been arrested. There is a possibility that the cities of Hyderabad, Kerala, Delhi and Mumbai are connected with this issue.


 Police Recovered Rs 90 Crore Old Currency Notes In Kanpur


How did this action happen?



– This was done on the inputs of NIA in Uttar Pradesh Police.

“An input from a criminal and input from NIA was found that some people are staying at the hotel in Kanpur to change old notes,” Lokpal Police said on Tuesday. During the cast, some people were arrested and the money was recovered on the information of these people. ”



How much money was recovered?


Reports of Rs. 96 crores were recovered. It is said that these notes are worth Rs. 5,00 and Rs. 1,000. Most of the notes are 1000 rupees.

Whose house was such a big recovered?

This money was recovered from Anand Khatri’s house, a builder of Kanpur. According to police sources, 96 million Khatri’s house was found in two to three rooms.



How many people have been arrested so far?



– In this case 16 people have been arrested so far. Police also say that investigation of the involvement of government officials is also being investigated.



Meerut had received 25 crores old notes


Earlier, only a few days ago, Meerut Police had recovered approximately Rs 25 crore old currency from a office built in the property dealer and builder Sanjeev Mittal’s house in Rajkamal Enclave of Paratapur Police Station area.

– Four people were arrested in this case. The police had told that these people wanted to use this money through a well known oil company.

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