Polluted Yamuna River In Delhi

This is a sacred river of India, for this reason it has frozen on the layer of white foam


This river has been completely polluted.


In the Yamuna of Delhi, due to the industrial waste, the white froth layer has solidified on it. Experts say that the flow of the Yamuna has stopped due to industrial waste. According to the information, the river has been completely polluted. A few years ago some photos of this river were also revealed. Among them, women were doing Chhath Puja in the polluted water of the same foam. For this worship, they had to reach the waist in the river, but after being polluted, women worshiped in this river. The number of birds also decreased …

– The pollution of the Yamuna has increased so much that the number of birds has fallen to around 80 percent.

– This figure has come out in the calculation of Asian Water Bird -2018.

According to these figures, only 594 birds were seen this year from Wajirabad to Nizamuddin in the Yamuna area, whereas in 2016, the number of birds in this year was 2640.

– In this way around 78% fewer birds were seen this year.


Last year 23, this time 32 species

– The news of relief is that this year the number of species of birds has increased. This time 32 species of birds were found. Last year 23 bird species were found.

– This year, 13 species of birds living in water and 19 migratory birds of winter.

– In January, Asian Water Bird is calculated to know the number of birds, their species and trends in 27 countries in Asia together. India was calculated from 6 to 21 January 2018.

Number of Black Handed From 2000 To 99

– Coordinator TK Roy of Asian Water Bird Counting in Delhi said that this time, the number of Black Wing Stilt in the Yamuna area is only 100 in the calculation of birds.

– Roy told that the number of Black Handed Goals was nearly two thousand last year, but this time their numbers are 99 only.

– He said that the Yamuna is badly polluted and Habitat of aquatic life is increasingly worsening. This is also the reason that the number of birds is declining.


These birds fall short

Red Ventale Lapwing is also included in the birds on the Yamuna. These are migratory birds, a decrease in number of this year. In the IUCN list, the number of extinction river species has increased in comparison to last year.

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