Priya Chhaba To Film With Amitabh Bachchan And Anil Kapoor

Amitabh and Anil Kapoor will be seen in the film ‘Pyaar Ek aise hai’


Priya performed modeling and ramp shows with BTech’s studies in Delhi. In 2013 Lakme ramp shows were selected.


Priya Chhaba Filmy of Khedadi Nagar Hall will be seen with big artists on the curtain of the world, the small village of Surdhu in Surajgarh. Priya received primary education only from the village. Father Sardar Singh is the Retired Principal. It will be seen in the film directed by Yas Wadia in ‘Pyaar Aise Dei Hain’. Shooting is likely to start by September. Priya Chief Artist R. Madhavan, Shruti Hassan, Amitabh Bachchan as guest artist, Anil Kapoor, Johnny Lever, Paresh Rawal and Neil Nitin Mukesh will be seen in the cast. The actress will act in the role of Shruti Hassan’s friend and as a comedian with Johnny Lever. Training in Anupam Kher’s institute in Mumbai. Priya said – she got an opportunity to act as the lead actor in horror movie Kajree. The short film Kajree was shot in Jaipur and Vanasthali. The film will be released till December.


The hobby of acting has reached

Priya had a passion for acting since childhood. After watching the movie, copying artists. First of all, Shreya delivered the first audition in Jaipur to participate in the Miss India contest. If it comes in the top three, the morale will increase. Modeling and ramp shows with B.Tech studies in Delhi. In 2013 Lakme ramp shows were selected. Initially audition online too. Rolling in a shoot of a Punjabi album.


Rohit Sethi will do the film in Shindh

-Priya said, many times efforts were made to watch the shooting of Ranveer Singh but there was no chance. In Hyderabad, ‘Pyaar Eko-hata hai’ was coming out by auditioning the film that the Chief Director told Rohit Sethi about him. At the same time, Sethi chose to film Shindi. Working in three films.
Because of rural background, family members were motivated to work. Father Sardar Singh always advised to go to government service. But in mind, there was a desire to work in the film.


The joke made to scare friends changed life

– Mother Krishna Devi and sister Dr. Manju continued to raise equal strength. From time to time he gave full guidance and persuaded the father. Because of which I completed my dream.


– Horror acting in front of friends in the fort of Bhangarh. A fellow talked about acting director VK Wikal in Tamil language short film Kajee and got a lead role in the film, that’s where I started changing my life.

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