Rajasthan Bypolls 2018: Ajmer, Alwar And Mandalgarh Bypolls

Rajasthan by-election: voting in  Ajmer, Alwar and Mandalgarh, result 1


Polling for two seats in the Lok Sabha and one seat in the Assembly was postponed at six o’clock in the evening.


Two Lok Sabha seats in the state and one seat of the Vidhan Sabha was stopped at six in the evening. According to the data collected till 6 o’clock in the evening, 80 percent in Mandalgarh, 65 percent in Ajmer and 63 percent in Alwar have been voted. Polling was done peacefully in all three places. There is a direct fight between the ruling BJP and the main opposition party on Ajmer and Alwar Loksabha. At the same time, there is a situation of triangular contest from the rebel Congress in the Mandalgarh assembly seat. In all three seats, 42 candidates are in the fray. The highest number of candidates in Ajmer are 23, 11 in Alwar and 8 in the Mandalgarh region. Know and …

– The Election Commission deployed more than 12 thousand security personnel in three areas for peaceful and fair polling. These included 45 companies of Central Para Military Force. More than 39 lakh voters used their franchise to create 4 thousand 194 polling booths. Similarly, webcasting was also done on 313 polling booths. The results will be announced on February 1.

– Chief Election Officer Ashwani Bhagat said that this time there are 39 lakh2 thousand 168 voters in Ajmer, Alwar and Mandalgarh. 18 lakh 27 thousand 936 in Alwar, 18 lakh 42 thousand 992 in Ajmer Lok Sabha constituency and 2 lakh 31 thousand 240 total voters in Mandalgarh assembly constituency. 476 micro observers were installed for monitoring.


Rajasthan by-election: voting in  Ajmer, Alwar and Mandalgarh, result 1


2 for the first time

– Photo also on EVM ballot paper: On the EVM ballot, the photo of the nominees was also shown. This is the first time such an experiment has been done in any Lok Sabha election in the country. In the new system, the EVM ballot was now the candidate’s name, photo and finally the election symbol.


ETPBS technology for service voters

– Provided electronically controlled postal ballats system (ETPBS) technology to vote for service voters. It took half the time before the voting process. There were a total of 11 thousand 580 service voters. 9,223 in Alwar, 2353 in Ajmer and 22 service voters of Mandalgarh.


Braille technology for visually impaired

– Vigilant voters can vote with BRAC technology made on EVM machine. About 4 thousand 200 braille ballots were printed for the by-elections in the state. Visiting the voter polling booth, the number of candidates, name and party etc. can be voted through the braille buttons engaged on EVMs to favor the candidates of their desired candidates.


Election at a glance


Ajmer Lok Sabha seat

Candidates: 23
Combat: Straight, BJP’s Ramswaram Lamba and Dr. Raghu Sharma of Congress
Voter 18 lakh 42 thousand 992
Polishing booths: 1925
Security personnel: 6000


Alwar Lok Sabha seat

Candidates: 11
Combat: Straight: BJP’s Dr. Jaswant Yadav and Congress Dr. Karan Singh Yadav
Voters: 18 lakh 27 thousand 936
Polling booth: 1987
Security personnel: 5000


Mandalgarh assembly seat

Candidates: 8
Tri-match: BJP’s Shakti Singh Hada, Vivek Dhark of Congress and Independent Gopal Malviya
Voters: 2 lakh 31 thousand 240
Polling booth: 282
Security personnel: 1000

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