Rajasthan : First Heavy Rain In Jodhpur

First Heavy Rain In Jodhpur,  three hours rain, four people die


First rain of the monsoon … the average of July has already crossed 12 days, so far 130.1 mm rain


Jodhpur was the first monsoon with heavy rainfall. From Thursday morning there was a humid atmosphere with black mint strain. Bundabandi began at around 4:30 in the evening. Which soon turned into torrential rains. In the first 45 minutes 56 mm (2.2 inch) water was rained. Inner city, every major road and crossroads were flooded. This caused a lot of trouble in the city. Rain recorded 3 inches (70.1 mm) rain in 4 hours.


So far, 130.1 mm water has risen in the season. In Jodhpur, the average rainfall in July is 120.5 mm. That was completed 12 days ago. There was torrential rains in all the subdivision headquarters and surrounding villages, including Tinnari, Oceania, Mathaniya, Bilada, Balesar, Bhopalgarh, Bap, Shergarh in the district. Thereby, the return of the farmers to the faces came roaringly.


Pain with relief

In the Pawta, the boundary walls of the hotel fell 3 dead, the worker dumped in Keru: This was the first good rain pain of the season. Four people died in two of the accidents during this period. The parking wall of the Hotel Maple Abbey located in Pawta collapsed. Only then Hemanshu (17) son Pawan Pariik, a resident of Pawata (17) son Indrasinh and Kamalesh (29) resident of Nagauri Gate Kalal colony, were buried under the wall of Chandu wall. Three died during the treatment. On the other hand, Govind’s son, Amaram, who was working there after filling the water in a mine located in the Keru mining area, died due to drowning.


Life of a 3-year-old girl survived by the readiness of the e-Friend Operator

A family stood on the stairs of the shop near SBI Bank, located in the city of Inverarity, to avoid rain. The head of the family was standing in his 3 year old innocent. Only then, if they go ahead in the shudder to save someone, the innocent daughter is left out of their hands. The child was completely drowned in a sharp drift. A vegetable went behind to save her. At the same time, an e-friend of the director, Rahul Purohit, came out of his shop showing the readiness and immediately took the girl out.


Vehicles float on the roads

Jodhpur was filled with water in place in the city. Things have happened that due to the inadequate traffic, the vehicles standing there started swimming. The water flowing in front of the Sogati gate police checkpoint was so fast that the park started flowing there. People tried to stop them, but failed. Three cars flowing down to the nearby drains. A car trapped in the mouth of a creek Another car climbed on top of it. After the velocity of the water decreased, people took one by one out of the cars.


what next? Good rain expected throughout the week

According to weather department scientist Govindram Servi, there is full hope of rain on Friday too. Cyclone of current upper winds will be weakened by Friday. After this the rain will subside, but on the Arabian Sea, a cyclone of the upper winds has been started, which will be active after about two to three days. Due to this, there is possibility of rain in Jodhpur. The minimum temperature was 26.5 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature was 34.9 degree Celsius.


So heavy rain for the second time in 13 years in July

Jodhpur city received 70.1 mm rain till 8:30 pm on Thursday night. This time incessantly for the second time in July, this much rain has happened in one day. On July 22 last year, the city recorded 71.8 mm rain in 24 hours. But earlier, according to the weather department data, there was not so much rain in one day in the last 13 years. In the year 2013 on July 26, the city received 53.6 mm rainfall. In the 13 years, the lowest rainfall in the city was 10.7 mm in July 2006.


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