Rajput wedding in Rs 17 Thousand in only 17 Minute at sikar

Rajput’s bride and groom spent 17 thousand rupees in just 17 minutes to marry, due to pride to be proud

everybody is wondering about this unique wedding without the decoration, texture and appearance of Durgadas Colony Seekar.


Sikar For the seven rounds, not the pavilion, nor the pandit for mantras. No mare nor any bandbaza Only 17 mins 33 crore goddesses praised and in the bondage of both bonded marriage Durgadas Colony Seekar, Texture and appearance of Durgadas Colony Seekar But, the message which was left to go out of the charity like dowry and dowry was found here. Everybody saw him happy.


Everyone will say that if it happens at all places, neither a daughter’s daughter will burn due to the dowry nor any daughter-in-law is embarrassed.However, the people who got married, who have married, who have married, who have been married in the same year, Anand Kanwar Shekhawat and Dipendra Singh, along with their father Umaid Singh and Jivan Singh, that the two families have got married in this unique resolution with only 17 thousand rupees. Otherwise, millions of rupees of both families will be spent in appearances.


Rajput wedding in Rs 17 Thousand in only 17 Minute at sikar


Baramas in the procession from the community of Rajsamand also served simple dal-roti instead of sweets. In the breakfast, tea-biscuits were fed instead of rosogolas and charlatan. Vinod and Keshar Singh, who came to join the procession, saw happy with such kind of way, they said that many people have gone to the wedding ceremony in life. But, there is no answer to this marriage of simplicity and sympathy.


Ornaments do not want properties

The groom of father, Life Singh, according to the daughter-in-law, property in the jewelery market. The father of the bride, Umaid Singh, said that if the laughing society starts praising, then all the rites of marriage are completed.

Bride MAC, Dulha BA

Dulependra, who was completing his studies of MAC bride bride Anand Kanwar and BA, believed that marriage was not a compromise, there was no transaction in it. Rather, two families meet In which the pretense of giving is not necessary While many families later became wasted due to false displays and fissile expenses.

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