Real Story Behind The Sudden Live Votes During Bigg Boss 11 Finale

Bhabjee is at home, in the role of Anguri Sister in law, Shilpa Shinde made her name the 11th season of Big Boss.

In Mumbai, ‘Bhabi Bhabavi is at home’, she fell in love with Anguri Bhabhi’s roll, Shilpa Shinde made her name the 11th season of ‘Big Boss’. But to win this show he had to undergo tough tests. Shilpa had won the show on the basis of public votes already. But during the finale, he had to go through live voting to prove himself a winner. During this time they could lose the title-winning title. After all, what was the reason for the live voting done on the spot …

– Why was live voting done on last moment in the show? Believing sources, Colors was not happy with the fact that Shilpa Shinde winner was becoming.
Not only that, Hina Khan too showed tactics during this time. Sources reveal that in the beginning, the channel had promised Hinaa that they would become winner of the show. Because considering the negative image of Shilpa, the channel did not expect that they could become winner.
When this whole case was brought before the host Salman Khan, he advised live voting.
– Salman himself also wanted that Shilpa Shinde be a winner of the show, but he could not ignore the channel’s story too. This is the reason why he decided to choose winner through live voting.
It is said that Salman was not happy with the behavior of Hina Khan during the show.


Shilpa Shinde lived inside the house for 105 days


– Shilpa Shinde took an entry in ‘Bigg Boss’ on October 1, 2017. He stayed inside the house for 105 days. During this, where he took responsibility for the kitchen and fed the rest of the contests. At the same time, because of their soft nature, the heart of the audience wins.
There, in the same way, opposite with Hina Khan. They constantly fell prey to lying Apart from this, Hina fizzled out the second Slebes during the show and kept trying to show her greatness. They did not like this TV audience

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