Reliance Jio Launches Broadband Service In Upcoming Agm On 5 July

Reliance Jio’s ‘broadband service’ can be launched on July 5, what is the 100 Mbps speed and what can be found?

It is believed that like live SIM, broadband service can also be free for a few months.


Mukesh Ambani’s company is preparing to launch the Reliance Geo Up Broadband service. According to media reports, ‘Fiber to the Home’ can launch broadband service in the company’s annual meeting to be held on July 5. However, no official information has been given about it from the company. It is being said that users will also get unlimited video and voice calls in the broadband service of Geo, as well as many other great offers.

Learn big things:


1. Get 100 Mbps Speed:Reliance Jio’s Broadband service can get a speed of 100 Mbps. Along with this, the company can also offer a combo offer to connect customers.


2. Can be between 1000 to 1500 Price: The company can start its broadband service between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500. With this, it can also offer unlimited voice calls and free messages via the Internet.


3. Free service for a few months: According to media reports, the company can offer free broadband service for a few months, just like Geo Sim to woo its customers.


Airtel will be competing

After the broadband service of Geo, it will be directly contested by Airtel. Airtel has also said that it has given a 15-20% discount in the 6 months and 1 year broadband plan to stop its users. Users get 300 Mbps speed in these plans.
In addition, it is also being said that Airtel is also preparing to launch ‘Digital Home Platform’, where users will be given Airtel postpaid mobile, TV connection and broadband service in one place.


Airtel’s revenues decreased by 11%

Airtel has already changed plans to stop its users before launching broadband service of Reliance Jio and is giving more data at a lower cost. Because of this, the revenues decreased by 11% to 604.2 crores from the service of the company till the first quarter of this year.


Last year Geo Phone was launched Launch

Last year, the company launched the Geo Feature Phone in Reliance Jio’s annual meeting. This phone was launched by the company for free to all users, although for this 1500 rupees were to be deposited in the form of security money, which were refundable after 3 years.

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